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Sunset stories #WowPrompt

I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a fetish but there’s something about a sunset that makes my heart sing. If the morning sky, with its beautiful colours, holds promise of a new beginning, the vibrant hues of an evening sky pay tribute to the accomplishments of the day. It is how we ought to remember… Read More Sunset stories #WowPrompt

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When I tell the truth.. #WowPrompt

Keeping my hand on the spatula I told myself, “I will say nothing but the truth” and then lied blatantly through my teeth. I felt like the biggest hypocrite there ever was yet felt proud for averting an unpleasant situation. Giving lip service to someone out of societal obligation must be made an enforced offense. 😉… Read More When I tell the truth.. #WowPrompt

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Claiming myself back: Why was tipping the scale necessary? #MyFriendAlexa

My wittiest humour fell short of words trying to find an apt sneer for what lay in front of my eyes. The real me, hidden under umpteen dreadful folds of skin, pleaded to be released from the lumpy cage. The scale, while encountering appalling disappointment and few unshed tears, was spared from facing the brunt. Sure… Read More Claiming myself back: Why was tipping the scale necessary? #MyFriendAlexa