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Yes, I’m an Avengers Newb!

As far as moms go, I rate myself the weirdest coolest. (Although, some might contend that fiery describes me better! 😉 ) I don’t take parenting too seriously and seek the right balance between being a parent and a friend. While I’m relatively modern, my upbringing ways were largely traditional up until the pandemic hit… Read More Yes, I’m an Avengers Newb!

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Are you teaching gender-based trust or distrust? #CauseAChatter

“Are you a feminist?” a friend asked me when I was in college. I didn’t know what it meant back then and am not exactly certain even now. However, I candidly answered that I believe in women standing up for them and owning their identity. Any other definition of feminism is perhaps agenda-driven. Since then… Read More Are you teaching gender-based trust or distrust? #CauseAChatter

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Anna and the umbrella #WoWe

Anna took Kevin’s hands in hers, painfully aware of the contrast between his battered with her perfectly manicured ones. He opened his eyes with extreme effort and whispered a barely audible “Mom…” before closing them forever. Anna sat stunned and motionless, tears streaming down her reddened eyes. He was supposed to be home for his… Read More Anna and the umbrella #WoWe