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Food post ~ Cheesy Sago Muffins

Remember the scene in the movie Ra.One where Shahrukh Khan eats noodles with yoghurt? The first time I saw it, “What’s wrong with him?” (his character, not SRK) was my instant reaction. Some might call it culinary sin while others might have a good laugh over the idea of pairing our desi dahi with Italian noodles. Our food choices and habits are usually conservative, aren’t they?

That was then. Although nutritive and wholesome, traditional food may sometimes seem repetitive and boring. Experimenting with new ingredients, playing with flavours and creating unorthodox combinations has now become my hobby. I love collecting recipes and giving them my signature twist. It means a lot to me when my A Jr calls me ‘chef’ (even though I’m not one)! 😉 😀

This Cheesy Sago Muffins recipe was created without any planning. I had been meaning to make savoury muffins for long. There was a cup of soaked sago in the fridge from the previous day. I replaced refined flour in the original recipe with oats and corn flour and made it healthier. The oozing cheese made my kids happy while the power-packed snack made their Mom happy. 🙂


Sago – 1 cup

Oats – ½ cup

Corn flour (makai atta) – ½ cup

Finely chopped potato – 1 small

Grated cheese (any, of your choice) – ½ cup

Butter (melted) – 2 tablespoon

Tomato ketchup – 2 tablespoon

Chilli flakes – 1 tablespoon

Mixed herbs – 1 tablespoon

Baking soda – 1 teaspoon

Baking powder – 1 teaspoon

Salt to taste

For garnish:

Tomato ketchup

Coriander leaves


1. Take sago, oats, corn flour, potato, cheese and butter in a big bowl and mix them well. Cheese and butter should hold the dry ingredients together with their moisture.

2. Add tomato ketchup, mixed herbs, chilli flakes and salt and mix them till they form a thick batter.

3. Keep this batter aside for 15 minutes.

4. Meanwhile, grease silicon muffin moulds with butter and keep them aside.

5. After 15 minutes, add baking powder and baking soda to the batter. It should now feel light and fluffy.

6. Pour the batter in the muffin moulds till they’re half-full.

7. Microwave for 3 minutes on full power or bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 10-15 minutes. When the muffins are done they’ll leave the sides of the mould. You can also check by inserting a skewer in the middle of the muffin. If it comes clean, they’re ready to eat!

8. Garnish with some tomato ketchup and coriander leaves.

This simple and quick recipe can be made for breakfast, packed for your kid’s lunchbox or enjoyed as an afternoon snack. You can add finely chopped spinach leaves, onions, carrots and make it even better. Fun is in trying out as many variations as you can!

Did you like this recipe? Have you tried or made savoury muffins? Tell me about it.

23 thoughts on “Food post ~ Cheesy Sago Muffins

  1. Nice twist to Sabudana Wada ? I liked your creativity and ingredients used in this cheesy sago muffins ?

    Thanks for sharing ?

  2. This recipe has all my favorite things and is so easy and quick to make it too! Would love to have it for Brunch , or as Supper. Hope to try it out soon.

  3. This is really new to me. I had never tried savory muffin and use of sago is also new to me. Will try it for sure. Looking like a great option for after school snacks.

  4. wow we took baking classes for the past two weeks and i have assumed that once you know the quantities, you will be able to bake anything. these sago muffins look like a good snack for my kids…

  5. This is indeed a quick and yummy snack for kids. It sounds healthy too as it has oats, and sago in it. Actually it is a great twist to the usual sabuana wada made so commonly in Pune.

  6. Wow! Great idea, these sago muffins are looking so yummy! You are so creative, I will definitely try this. Thank you for this innovative idea with healthy twists.

  7. This is super interesting and looks so delicious, I am surely trying it out soon and I have a feeling, my little one would love this.

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