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When I tell the truth.. #WowPrompt

Keeping my hand on the spatula I told myself, “I will say nothing but the truth” and then lied blatantly through my teeth. I felt like the biggest hypocrite there ever was yet felt proud for averting an unpleasant situation. Giving lip service to someone out of societal obligation must be made an enforced offense. 😉

Before you form any opinions about me please be informed that I’m married for over twelve years now. As a new bride I faced the regular ‘teething problems’ most girls coming from independent and progressive backgrounds do. I was amused no end when my otherwise upfront mother advised me to massage my mother-in-law’s ego by being overtly appreciative of her.

This resulted in some cruelly hilarious incidents, at my cost.

“This is a nice bedsheet” meant that I came back home with its hideous counterpart.

“I love this dish” had me getting fed till I could burst open.

“I feel like going out somewhere” was taken as a wish to visit a temple nearby.

“Why don’t we go shopping?” sent us to the grocery shop with our day maid.

You get the gist? *headpalm*

Imagine the horror when one day I decided to actually speak the truth!

“Have I lost weight?” incredulously met with my straight-faced “I don’t think so” and went quiet.

“My son can do everything” had me wondering aloud “Why can’t he still make tea?” and blamed my expectations.

“You don’t respect me” met with my stoic silence. (Murder is a crime even when instigated, at all times after all!) 😀

I’ve gained a reputation of being candid but that saves me from a lot of heartburn and guilt. My friends know that with me ‘what you see is what you get’ and accept me the way I am.

I respect people who are brave enough to tell the truth. That said, making someone feel better with an undeserved but gentle compliment is a gesture of generosity. Good manners and truth are not to be mixed here! 🙂

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40 thoughts on “When I tell the truth.. #WowPrompt

  1. This was a fun post and you had me laughing aloud at the results of your diplomacy.

    By now you are well aware of my penchant for speaking the truth, aren’t you?

    Even my compliments are genuine, btw:)

  2. Is there any parameter of recording How Loud was that laughter? I am laughing non stop reading this hilarious post V.. especially the last one – You Do Not Respect Me 😉

    Truth hurts! No doubt about it, and people want to listen ONLY appreciation in truth. It applies to us all, we always (me for sure) get sulky though momentarily when told a not so appealing truth. Like – if some tell me – you didn’t even lose an ounce of weight after all that ado!! Time being I get offended… but later accept it… yes! that’s true.

    Lovely post V, keep writing such delicious posts.

  3. Hi Varsh,

    Nice post. what an amazing line “Good manners and truth are not to be mixed here” It is true to the core. It is very difficult if not impossible to mix both of them.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Have a good day. 🙂

  4. It was my story I was the same and after the years of doing the same I realised that it was not worth it had the post come few years back I would have been in a better situation

  5. I am quite similar – I say what is on my mind, an open book to sorts. People don’t always like it and they want someone to coddle their ego. But at the end of the day being honest is what makes me ME and I totally agree good manner and truth aren’t the same.

    1. I speak my mind too but at times it just isn’t the right time or opportunity. I learned to pick and choose my truths and its working out fine. 🙂

  6. Even if we speak truth, how many people can take it on their face? Very few and you will be hated forever. So it’s definitely what we can adopt always.

  7. I so agree with you! Truly said- ‘That’s an excellent bedsheet meant I came from the background having a hideous counterpart’. Ha ha! Indeed one should massage the ego of One and only but not at the stake of demeaning self. I too suffered with this syndrome which is cured by self now. Very well written article!

    1. We live and learn, right? Glad you’re cured of it just like I did. Now I just say I’ve too many stored and have no space but will carry it with me next time. 😛

  8. My goodness, that was a real fun, the first part and I started pondering over and counting no of times it has happened. It’s difficult to accept truth but their has to be a sheer boundary more so during societal commitments.

    1. It happens with all of us, I think. Its a part of acceptance and maturing in a relation that’s tricky and delicate. The humour makes it a bit easy. Thanks for reading, Jhilmil. 🙂

  9. Hey Varsha, this is the same case at many homes. At least, I have realized that your can never be your mom in laws favorite for a long time. That roller coaster keeps shifting.

  10. lol, that remind me of my days. that were humorous dialogues and truth fact. I never dare to speak truth infront of in laws because I know a storm will shake my house,relation and love

    1. We have to find a midway and speak in the right tone and manner when we have to, I feel. I know the storms and they can be nasty. Better to keep it to ourselves in that case.

  11. HaHa! Its good to say what you feel and let other person know the truth. But sometimes people get offended easily. So its always better to say it indirectly. This was a funny read.

  12. Hard reality of life in a joint family. I guess either mother in law or bride has to compromise and speak white lies. Massaging ego is the first art of diplomacy. You did well. I guess best way to handle mother in law may be by managing her son. If you pull the ear, head also moves.

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