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  1. Oh god no..

    1. Sadly, yes. ????

  2. Wow! A complete story in a single line. Well-written, Varsh!

    1. Thanks Rekha. ???? It is a refreshing break from writing long posts.

      1. You made me try one too. 🙂

        1. Oh you did? Lemme go see!

  3. Very well written! Liked it.

    1. Thanks Sudershana! Also…thanks for finally commenting after liking other posts. ????

      1. Oh! That is my absolute pleasure. This is too good that I cannot resist myself from commenting. And I will make sure along with reading, liking. I will also share my words from next time.

        1. Thanks Sudershana. Aren’t you sweet? ????????

          1. Am I? BTW thank you!

          2. You are and you are welcome. ????

  4. What a gruesome end……it just shows that he was crazy and not in love……’coz if you love someone so deeply how can you harm that person, isn’t it?

    1. Exactly. That was one of the reasons that inspired this story.
      Teenagers nowadays confuse anything with love and then go to unimaginable extents to ‘own’ the person. Loving someone from a distance, or the fact that not being loved back doesn’t mean your failure are things these people don’t realise at all.

      1. Unfortunately it is true.

        1. It is unfortunate and scary. The frequency with which it happens nowadays raises serious doubts on the way kids are being brought up and exposed to violence.

          1. Agree varsha. Some things that we hear kids doing these days is unimaginable. Its all due to too much exposure, lack of proper guidance and no all round development with only stress on marks. Health issues and values take a toll in the bargain.

          2. Mental health is something we need to focus on. The importance of failure should be emphasized.

  5. Story of a psychopath

    1. Yes.

  6. Damn! Just a line and a whole story conveyed so well!

    1. Thank you! ☺

      1. Welcome 🙂

  7. awesome one..really adorable

    1. Adorable? This post?

      1. your one line had spoken a lot..thats y

        1. Oh ok. Thanks.

  8. Rejection is so badly handled :/

    1. True. Rejection is also an option. They should know that.
      Thanks for stopping by.

      1. It would be kind of you to go through my blog and give a feedback 🙂

        1. Sure I will.

  9. I hate these BAS$#@DS who do such horrendous things to the Girl they Love. They are nothing but Bloody Losers, trying to make their GF take the Blame. How many pour acid on their GFs face, just because she refused him. Police should cut off their BA#@#@#S”

    1. I understand the sentiment, but we need to use law and proper measures so that such creeps don’t have the courage to harm any girl. Saying no is her right and she cannot be forced to do otherwise. We need to put this in bold on their minds.

  10. A delusional lover who doesn’t know the meaning of love…. n then there are some movies to screw up more on what love is …. I loved ur one line story ❤️️❤️️

    1. These people are mostly perverts who use love as an excuse for their abhorrent demands. If the girl says yes, what next? Jealousy? Violence? Rape? Its disturbing.
      Thanks Shefali. I knew it was gloomy, but a relevant topic nevertheless.

      1. Yo … a man’s ego… rejection is taken as….”does she think she is better than me n I am not good enough”….There are still Men who can’t accept a woman’s right to No….

        N then there is …. “Naa me Haan hai”….I mean what’d hell…..another one…. “Nafrat pyaar ki pehli seedhi” … like seriously ????????????

        1. Fed on staple Hindi cinema that glorifies hooliganism in the name of love. What else? ????

  11. mad love..

    1. Even madly executed. People are such jerks! 👿

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