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  1. Parents and their sacrifices.

    1. The silent sacrifice…if only kids took note of it.

      1. Then I think wouldn’t it for good that parents discuss the scarcities of life with their children to help them become understanding?

        1. They can and they should, but it has to be done in a way that it doesn’t make kids feel guilty for it. We do it out of love and they should know what love asks for.

          1. Agree 🙂

          2. ☺☺

  2. Just awesome ….when you feel the lines… 🙂

    1. I’m glad you felt it Pritesh. Thanks for being here. ☺

  3. We have no idea how much our parents love us. Their love is priceless..!!

    1. Priceless…indeed! I tried yesterday but your site too long to open. Will try again.

      1. Thank you!

  4. Nominated you for the most relateable blog award

    1. Thanks dear. Let me check. ????

  5. Fathers do it all silently. Beautiful, Varsh!

    1. They are the unsung heroes of our life. Aren’t they? Thanks Rekha. ????

      1. Can’t agree more. 🙂

        1. ☺☺

  6. kya baat hai……lovely…..

    1. Thanks Sudhir. ????

      1. you are less seen now a days……

        1. Where?

          1. tring tring……. on your blog….. where else could it be……

          2. My friend I am writing almost everyday. You’re busy it seems. ????

          3. achcha jee…… but i make sure that i visit your blog….. also did not see too many alerts of your new entries……

          4. WP acts up a lot of times. Wrote around 4 posts in last 3 days I think.

          5. really….. hmmmmm…… ok…… let me check…… so you are quite busy on your blog…. it seems…..

          6. As of now…yes. Will mostly be on and off here during Diwali time. Going to our native, so.

          7. started enjoying diwali vacations……

          8. Vacations are for kids. Moms only work more. ????

          9. this is not fair…… what you enjoy change with times…. when we were young and restless we enjoyed different things….. when we have kids we enjoy them…… life is like that it gives us different kinds of experiences to cherish when we are old and alone….. enjoy every moment of life…. cheers…..

          10. Hey bhagwan, ek simple se sentence pe katha suna di. Baba Sudhir ki Jai ho! ????

          11. You are being enlightened…????????

          12. No, I stick to my words. I’m enlightened already. ????????????

          13. Aye haye kya baat hai…. ek Lady baba…. ????????

          14. Lady Baba nahi….Mata…

          15. Achcha jee…. Mata varsha jee…. Should be appropriate….

          16. ????????????????????????????

          17. ????????????????????

  7. it becomes more beautiful when the silent love is acknowledged..

    1. It sure does. 🙂

  8. definitely ..

    sadly we don’t talk so much about fathers..

    A beautiful touching lovely little story.. and yes it is worth it…

    1. Fathers pretend to be strong but I feel they are more emotional than mothers. They just never express themselves well. They don’t or they can’t, is a question.
      Thanks Bikram. I loved writing it. ????

      1. I think it’s all this manly image that one is brought up with. All my life ihve heard.. Men Don’t cry.. Men are strong. Men this men that blah blah..
        It is made out for men to be heartless it seems..

        I on the other hand am very emotional ..

        1. I have been fortunate to see guys… their most emotional phase and I can say that they are emotionally more vulnerable than women. They don’t move on like we do.
          Men are supposed to be strong coz they have to look after their families I guess. Not fair to them.

          1. Yes.. True. .

          2. It is good to let it out you know. Being emotional is good, but not if it makes you weak.

  9. Oh the love of a parent!
    And you expressing in such a short sentence was even great.

    1. Behind a parent’s smile is a struggle we rarely see. Wish we did.
      Thanks Moushmi. Glad you liked it. ????

  10. Extremely beautiful! 🙂

    1. So is the love of parents. ???? Thank you!

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