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Word of the Year 2019

Honestly, the concept of finding a word that would guide me through the year sounded quite exciting to me. I haven’t done this before and was looking forward to give it a try. Does it work? Would I be able to do it justice? Should I expect to benefit anything from this exercise? Worth finding out, I feel!

Sometimes a word can give us the clarity that a tower of motivational books cannot. Imagine not having to rack our brains every time to determine whether we’re on the right path. Life will be much smoother and easier! πŸ™‚

Last few months have had me running around a lot. (Sadly, not the one that would help me shed the few remaining extra pounds though. πŸ˜‰ )

Time has been a luxury and yet I cannot put a finger on anything concrete I’ve done. I feel spent and exhausted all the time. My blog has been immensely ignored, even forgotten, frequently. I haven’t joined the hobby classes I intended to. I’ve been around my kids, but surely they didn’t me 24*7?

Juggling many roles at once would be easily doable if I learn how to prioritise. I can think of no better word that will see me through this year. To put it simply, learning to let go of unnecessary stuff and not try to be perfect at everything.

As a mother my kids are my first priority and being a blogger also requires dedicated time everyday. Writing is creative work. Unless I’m inspired I can’t put pen to paper hence keeping myself open to positive experiences is crucial. Friends and family sometimes need a piece of me too. How do I achieve it all?

To prioritise would mean setting boundaries and sticking to them. An hour everyday for my blog and social media will be a good start. I’ll delegate small responsibilites and try to keep negative energies at bay. I will find a fine balance between working from home and home. Sounds good to me! πŸ™‚

Do you have a word for the year too? Please share with me.

10 thoughts on “Word of the Year 2019

  1. Prioritise is a good word. It is essential for us as mothers who have greater responsibilties of the kids, house, maintaining relationships and so on. It is easy to get lost in the midst of all this and to not find time for the things we love. I wish you all the best in 2019.

    1. Thank you so much, Anamika. Mothers have to balance a lot and it is easy to put ourselves and our hobbies on the backburner. I want to correct this and get back to the one thing that makes me find my voice and myself, writing!

  2. Prioritise is a good choice of word, and I am glad you’re hoping to make your blog a priority too. Welcome back to bloging. Hoping to see more posts from you.

    1. Thanks for motivating me at every step, M. My blog has been ignored enough and I feel sad for it. Going to find time anyhow and write regularly now.

  3. Hi Varsh,

    Prioritise is a good choice. It is the root of all actions. Once we are able to know our priority, our path towards success becomes easy.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Have a good day.

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