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Home Style Cheesy Hasselback Potato!

What happens when a homebound foodie-on-diet and a potato lover like me craves for something sinfully tasty? Recipe books come out, endless videos are explored and a valiant effort is made to replicate some delectable dish I enjoyed in some restaurant. However, with home cooking the calorie counter, out of years of tutelage, incessantly starts ticking in my head and inspires me to find healthy options.

Hasselback potatoes are a type of baked potato. They are served with the main course and can also be enjoyed as a side dish. Top them up with any toppings of your choice or leave it altogether if you may. You’ll love them either way.

We devour any dish with our eyes before surrendering to its aroma or taste. If you’re a sucker for presentation and love to play with your food like me, this recipe is perfect to try out. Potato and cheese is a combination made in heaven. Why not treat ourselves to their marital bliss?


For Hasselback potato:

Potatoes (large and preferably tapered) – 3

Garlic cloves – 10-15

Grated cheese – Half cup

Black pepper – 1 tsp

Mixed Italian herbs – 2 tsp

Melted butter (plain or garlic) – 1 tbsp

Salt to taste

For Dip:

Hung curd – Half cup

Grated cheese – 1 tbsp

Chilli sauce – 1 tbsp

Peri peri spice mix – 1tsp

Salt to taste

For Hasselback potato:

1. Wash the potatoes well since we’re not removing their skin.

2. Place cuts on the potatoes with a knife halfway through and as close as you can. Take care that your cuts aren’t too deep. We don’t want to slice the potatoes. Keep them aside.

3. In a bowl take minced garlic cloves, grated cheese, mixed Italian herbs, black pepper powder and salt. Mix them well together.

4. Open the cuts on the potatoes delicately and brush their insides with melted butter. Stuff the garlic-cheese mixture in them, slowly and carefully. I would suggest doing this with your hands.

5. Repeat this process for all the potatoes. Try to keep their surface clean by removing any mixture that spills over. Brush melted butter over them generously.

6. Preheat an oven at 200 degrees Celsius and bake the potatoes in it for 15 minutes or until they’re tender. Your kitchen will by now be enveloped in their wonderful aroma!

For dip:

Take hung curd in a bowl and beat it well. Add all the remaining ingredients in it and mix them all together.

Serve your Hasselback potatoes warm in a lovely dish with the dip on the side. Garnish with mixed Italian herbs.

This recipe is quick, easy and is sure to earn you some brownie points with your family and friends. You can make adjustments to it by letting go of butter or reducing the quantity of cheese used. Take my suggestion though, don’t.

I served this dish as a starter and it served four of us. It isn’t too filling and the overall calorie intake per person won’t be high either. Silver lining?

Do give it a try and don’t forget to thank me!

12 thoughts on “Home Style Cheesy Hasselback Potato!

  1. I have been drooling over your pics from the moment I saw them! Thanks for sharing the recipe, and it is super easy. Going to try it soon and tag you.

  2. This is truly easy cheesy Potato dish Varsha. I have plenty of potatoes, shall make it for the family who now a days is craving for new dishes often. Can I use baby potato for same so that it is easy to pick and eat?

  3. Oh these Cheesy Hasselback potatoes are after my foodie heart ! I love them , thanks for sharing your home style recipe Varsh !I also like to garnish them with some fine chopped garlic greens !

  4. Yummy I can have one full hassel back potato no doubt the world is crazy about them.. Anyways will make it for my son with your recipe.It looks to be a great way of making him potatoes just like I love them.

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