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Monsoon, nostalgia and wellness

Monsoon is my favourite season and the umpteen fond memories attached to it make it even more special. No matter how old we get some things remain etched on our minds forever. Chasing butterflies, playing in the mud, sailing paper boats are some of the monsoon games we played as kids. Dancing in the rain with friends remains the best monsoon memory though!

It isn’t everyday that life gives us a second chance to relive our best moments. The other day while I went to drop Angel to school on my Activa my friend joined us too. Pregnant grey clouds hung low in the sky making their intent wet and clear. We ditched our raincoats hopeful of being greeted by Mother Nature’s rainy love, and she didn’t disappoint.

Driving in the rain, complete with the stinging raindrops in my eyes and the slight chill in the air reminded me of my college days. We played Antakshari and hoarsely crooned our favourite songs from back then. I laughed hysterically when she borrowed my stole to cover her almost-transparent white top. I bet every girl can relate with this!

We cannot put a dampener on our fun time for fear of infections, right? We cannot build immunity by shielding ourselves all the time, although some easy home remedies can be followed. Once back home, the vigilance in us took over and we took quick precautions to avoid catching cold. I’m sharing them with you here for some handy reference.

1. Once you’re home don’t waste time on other things and go for a bath. You can add few drops of disinfectant to the water or use a disinfectant soap.

2. Even if they aren’t wet, change out of all your clothes. Reusing them can cause rash or skin infections.

3. You may or may not shampoo your hair but to avoid catching cold it is advisable to pour warm water on them.

4. Try not using the AC or keeping the fan on full mode immediately after taking bath.

5. Treat yourself with some hot tea to get that much-needed warmth in your body.

I love my traditional adrak wali chai but the additional amount of sugar required in it limits its intake quantity. Of late I’m trying out and loving the variety of wellness teas available in the market. The Cardamom Turmeric tea by TE-A-ME Teas is fast becoming my favourite. It is a refreshing spiced tea laced with the goodness of turmeric, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and other wonderful ingredients. Rich in antioxidants, it boosts immunity, detoxifies and helps flush out toxins from the body. It is available in tea bags and can easily be enjoyed anywhere. Health-conscious people will love its curative properties too. Do give it a try!

This post has been written as part of a blogtrain by Jhilmil and Sayeri and sponsored by Te-A-Me. Thank you both for hosting it and making me a part of it!

45 thoughts on “Monsoon, nostalgia and wellness

  1. So…Tea a me is the magic potion that is warding of illness and allergies for you, Varsh and letting you enjoy the monsoon to fullest!

  2. Hi Varsh,

    Great post! I love the sound of rain in our terrace. It gives out positive energy. I have so many good memories of rainy season especially our football match during it. We would play all day long and still not get tried.

    After our match, we would have hot chai and biscuits.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post. Have a great day. ?

    1. Hi Sajid,

      Ofcourse, playing in the rain is one thing we simply cannot lose out on. The pitter-patter sound is my favourite too.

      Thanks for reading. 🙂

  3. You are right we have many childhood, school, and collage memories related to monsoon. Coming home from school on cycle with friends had it’s own cjarm.
    The pointers you have mentioned about taking precautions during monaoon are very important.

  4. Rainy season is full of mastic and enjoyment but yes we need to take some precautions as in this season skin infections are very common, I too add disinfectant while bathing my kids.

  5. Monsoons are beautiful but are dangerous too and so all the tips that you have mentioned should be taken care of

  6. love the way you start the post. great tips on monsoon, I will follow and even keep my family safe from diseases and germs

  7. Really those childhood and college memories were the most amazing ones when we were least careful about health . We just cared for fun. Washing my hair with lukeqarl water is what I actually do after getting wet in rains

    1. Isn’t it, Jhilmil? Why have we become so boring now and practice caution with our kids? Building their immunity with the right food and care is better and easier than making them keep away from these fun things. We can be kids again with them and teach them our fun things too!

  8. I have told my family time and again not to stand under the fan once they come back home drenched and take a bath. I am now going to show this article to them.

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