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Coffee shop chronicles #BlogchatterBlogHop

It had happened to me. I never thought it would but it did. I, who could conjure up a story from thin air and weave words around it in no time had hit writer’s block. How embarrassing! With ten titles to my credit, seven bestsellers amongst them, within a span of five years, I was the most sought-after writer in the country. People lapped up my novels ravenously and God knows I gave them plenty to sink their teeth into. My editor suggested that a solo trip to a remote location could set the ball rolling. So here I was, sitting in a coffee shop in a quaint town in Uttaranchal helping myself to endless cups of coffee and drowning in my huge stack of unread books. After all, reading is a writer’s food for thought, research, and homework, isn’t it?

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This coffee shop quickly became a part of my routine ever since I got here a week ago. Located at the far end of the main road, it is easy to miss with all the foliage around it. That makes it all the more alluring though since few people drop in to disturb the tranquility on this small island of peace. It is owned by a cheerful elderly childless couple who love to proudly chat about the freedom fighters in their family, their beautiful culture, and cricket. Destiny got me here and that wrong turn to my hotel on these unknown roads turned out to be a pleasant mistake. Surprisingly, they recognised me the moment I walked in the door on my first day. The young-at-heart lady sure is current on more than films, fashion, and gossip.

Lined with faded pink wallpaper in abstract design, the coffee shop has a simple but tastefully done décor. Sparkling white comfortable chairs with faded pink cushions and low tables with a lamp for the centerpiece instantly give it a classy, welcoming look. Two of them face the road while remaining eight are strewn across the carpeted floor giving the patrons space and privacy. One such table for two on the inner side has been my sanctum every day for the last seven days. Thankfully, they haven’t objected to me littering it with a stack of books, my laptop, camera and empty cups and plates. It’s an added bonus that the coffee, pastries, cookies, and snacks are as good as the décor, if not better.

Foreigners, tourists, Yoga instructors, students, lovestruck couples, trekkers, marathoners, and more, I’ve glimpsed a bit of each from over my book. My dark spectacles allow me to spy observe effortlessly while keeping others at bay. I would be lying if I didn’t confess that my creative juices should’ve flown by now. Love, history, natural beauty, food, sports, and conversations with strangers, if all this isn’t inspiring then what is? Why is my mind not tossing them all together in the grinder and whipping up a tale like it normally does? Which magical moment is it waiting for?

Then one day it happened. As I was bracing myself for another fruitless writing day, in walked a girl in her twenties, a 50-something woman, and their gorgeous cream Labrador. One look at them and I knew I had found my story. Seemingly traditional mother and modern daughter, their displeasure for each other was in stark contrast to their love for the dog. Both of them exaggeratedly fussed over him and neither registered nor heeded the ‘No pets allowed’ sign on the front door. Who brings a dog to a coffee shop anyway, I silently wondered.

Excited in anticipation, I couldn’t contain the butterflies in my tummy as a story swiftly started writing itself in the back of my mind. “A girl, a woman, and a dog walk into a coffee shop and…

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23 thoughts on “Coffee shop chronicles #BlogchatterBlogHop

  1. What a lovely read Varsha. You took me to the Coffee shop. Writers needs such inspiration time to time to come up with new and creative ideas. having said that, I am going to make myself a cup of coffee.

  2. I Can explain how much i felt good reading this short and meaningful story that you penned with the prompt. The content clearly indicates that you have excellent potential as an author and I appreciate you for that. Keep inking my friend and I will love to read

  3. Very interesting read 🙂 This was my fav line – My dark spectacles allow me to spy observe effortlessly while keeping others at bay!

  4. I love such quaint and peaceful coffee shops! being a coffee lover myself I love spending time in unique cafes. I thought your article was more about the coffee shop than about your writers block. Hoping to read your article about the mother, daughter and their dog.

  5. Oh, this is such an endearing write-up. You escorted me to a coffeehouse. Any writer will tell you that they occasionally need this sort of thing to help them generate fresh, original ideas. I, too, love going to coffee shops from time to time, hoping to read next about mother, daughter, and their dog soon.

  6. That was so engaging! I was hooked and felt like I was with you while reading this! You’re such a unique story teller and writer who makes a reader wonder and love you and hate you for making them wonder all at the same time! haha..Keep writing!

  7. Loved it Varsh… I was actually visualizing the decor n everything else. if i’m not wrong, I think this is the first of your creative writing that I’ve read… you sure have the flair.. keep them coming!

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