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R ~ Nutritious Foods for a Fit Lifestyle #BlogchatterA2Z

Do you know the similarity between eating and writing? Both of them nourish our body, mind and soul and are an engaging and enjoyable process. However, complicating them with redundant words or difficult-to-keep nutrition plans can rob you of that joy. “Quality over quantity” is the perfect mantra that applies to everything in life. A fit lifestyle calls for striking the right balance between staying physically active and eating right.

Indian food culture gives equal prominence to taste and health. I’ve mentioned earlier that our food combinations always have some science behind them. Why else would we recommend and include bitter, spicy or foods with off-putting smells in our diet? Today’s post talks about foods with different textures, colours, and of course, tastes.

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Raisins are grapes dried in the sun or in a food dehydrator. They have a shrivelled, wrinkly texture and are available in yellow, brown, black or purple colours. Although found and eaten regularly in Indian households, their nutritional benefits aren’t common knowledge. Raisins are packed with fiber and are a good source of iron. Their calcium content makes your bones stronger which is good for menopausal women and may help prevent osteoporosis. They have a high amount of phytonutrients too. However, raisins are naturally sweet and contain sugar and calories in high amounts. Hence, moderation in consumption is strongly advised.

Raisins complement a fit lifestyle perfectly. They can replace expensive sports gels and chews since their high carb content can help improve performance. Add them to your desserts, mithais, salads, oatmeal or smoothie bowls or grab a fistful and munch on them!


Radish or mooli is a root vegetable popular (or not) for its strong peppery aroma and taste. It can be differentiated into varieties for its shape (elongated, round) and colour (red, white) and is primarily a winter food in India. Radish is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. It reduces the risk of diabetes and helps your liver function normally. Maintain your heart health with radish since it helps keep blood pressure in check. Radish is low in calories, a good source of nutrients for weight-watchers and your good friend for a fit lifestyle.

Radish is a seasonal food hence must be included in the diet in any form. Mooli ke parathe is the first thing that comes to mind, right? Cooked radish is less pungent and easier to consume. Add it to your dips, slip it in your sandwiches, pickle it in vinegar or slice it into salads. It’s versatile to work with!


Rosemary belongs to the Mediterranean region and is now loved the world over for its lovely bitter taste and aroma. Its leaves can be consumed fresh, dried or in oil form. Rosemary has some amazing medical benefits because of which it’s an ingredient in beauty and hair products too. It boosts immunity and improves digestion problems like heartburn and flatulence. Rosemary oil helps relieve stress and stimulates your cognitive functions making you alert and focussed.

Rosemary lends a wonderful flavour to any dish. Stir fried vegetables, pan-fried chicken or fish, dips, pastas or one pot dishes with rice certainly get better with it. Food transcends boundaries hence exotic herbs from around the world come to our plate.

Risotto and Ravioli pasta are love! Red cabbage lends colour and taste to salads, noodles and rice preparations. Ratatouille is tangy while Raspberries lend colour and their delicious taste to ice-creams and yoghurt. A fit lifestyle allows all of these if you know which foods to binge on and which to make into a habit!

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18 thoughts on “R ~ Nutritious Foods for a Fit Lifestyle #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. Raisins are my kids favorite too, can be added to puddings, cakes, or one can eat them just like that. Natural sweeteners in them make them anytime munch in place of candy. I like radish paratha with curd in winters a lot. Rosemary another great herb that adds flavor to pasta, sandwiches, dips, soups. Oh yes, I tried red cabbage when I went to hills, they look beautiful and add lovely color to dishes and salads.

  2. All “Rs” are amazing. I love to add raisins in my sweet recipes and they add a great taste too. radish in another favorite that I always add in my salads too.

  3. Ah yes!! Raisins are pure delight when comes to snacking or adding them to desserts. No doubt about the nutritional benefits of radish. I remember eating them raw while basking in the sun during winters of childhood. Now I use them mostly, to make parathas. Rosemary goes into the month end detox soup.

  4. Thumbs up for Raisins and Radish. Whole winter Radish embellishes our plater in different forms. Similarly, Raisins also, n matter which season it is I make sure to keep raisins in daily diet. If someday forget, we eat raisins as ‘Bhagwan ka Prasad’ as I keep raisins as prasadam. Honesty, I never tried rosemary nor even know about it’s beneficial traits. Thanks for sharing Varsha.

  5. I ahve never used the rosemary, though i see it in the supermarket, not sure how it would be. thanks for the information. the next visit to supermarket, this would be in my cart.

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