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5 Best Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin

Mothers are babies’ primary caregivers and nurturers. Everything that touches their precious little ones filters through their keen eyes. Baby food, clothes, toys and even products are hence chosen with extreme care and concern keeping safety and comfort in mind. Baby wipes for sensitive skin of babies are an important and indispensable baby product since they have multiple uses. Wiping their soiled bottoms, cleaning them up after feeding or freshening them up are just a few of them.

Baby wipes are important for toddler moms too. They’re a great help while travelling, instant relief for messed uniforms in school, and a handy napkin after those muddy games in the park. I always insisted, and still do, on carrying them in my bag for emergencies. However, with so many available options selecting the right brand can be slightly overwhelming for new moms. What should you look for while selecting baby wipes for sensitive skin of babies?

  • Medically approved and dermatologically tested
  • Clearly specified ingredients and allergies, if any
  • Balanced pH for baby skin safety
  • Free from harmful chemicals, parabens, sulphates
  • Good packaging and pack-size
  • Fragrance and material of wipes

Here’s a list of 5 Best Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin of babies in India:

Mother Sparsh 99% Unscented Pure Water Baby Wipes

Mother Sparsh is one of the best brands of baby wipes for sensitive skin of babies and a personal favourite. Their 99% pure water content makes them an easy and trusted choice for moms. They’re specially formulated for the delicate skin of babies and are tender in touch and care. The best part is that they’re perfectly safe and gentle for the sensitive skin of newborn babies too. #purewaterbabywipes

  • Made for babies with normal to sensitive skin, Mother Sparsh wipes soothingly care for the most delicate parts of the body. They nourish and moisturise while gently cleansing their soft skin.
  • Artificial fragrances may contain elements that can cause irritation. These fragrance-free wipes are hence safe and hassle-free to use. #unscentedbabywipes
  • These wipes are made with plant-based medical cloth and water. They’re three times thicker than normal baby wipes and made with unscented fabric that’s super soft. #unscentedwaterbasedwipes
  • They can soothe skin irritation or rash in babies in the diaper area or otherwise with their soft and tender touch.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness become easy with these thick sheets since they allow comfortable cleaning in one go. #unscentedhappiness
  • Mother Sparsh 99% Unscented Pure Water Baby Wipes are 100 % biodegradable and give you a chance to do your bit for your environment too. #babywipes

These wipes come with moisture lock lid packaging which makes them travel-friendly. Their thickness makes them easy to use and they don’t tear or dry like other wipes. Forget worrying about which mucky corner your baby crawls into or where his feet have been before he puts them in his mouth. They cleanse, moisturise and hygienically secure your baby’s soft skin from dirt and dryness. Needless to say, this is the best gift of love and care a mom can give her little munchkin.

Personally, I use it to cleanse my toddler’s face and hands before bedtime. It is a blessing in sticky and sweaty Mumbai for quickly tidying up when out and lasts long too.

Available in a pack of 72 on Amazon and Firstcry

Babyhug Premium Baby Wipes

Babyhug Premium Baby Wipes are made with non-woven spun lace fabric. They contain Aloe vera and Vitamin E, both of which are known to have amazing benefits for the skin. They’re free from alcohol and parabens that can be harmful to a baby’s delicate skin. Glycerine and pH balance makes them an effective moisturiser and a gentle cleanser. They help in keeping baby skin soft after multiple uses. They’re suitable for every kind of baby skin.

Available in a pack of 80 on Amazon, Firstcry and Flipkart

Pigeon Baby Wipes

Pigeon Baby Skincare Wipes are microbiologically tested for the baby’s sensitive skin. They’re made with silky soft woven fabric. The fact that they’re hypoallergenic and pH balanced makes them a trusted choice for a baby’s soft skin. They contain chamomile and rosehip which act as a moisturiser and nourish the skin from within. They’re made of 100% purified water and do not contain any artificial fragrances. Gentle cleansing makes them a good choice for everyday use.

Available in a pack of 80 on Amazon and Flipkart

Tulips Sensitive Baby Wet Wipes

Tulips Sensitive Baby Wet Wipes contain 99% purified water and 0.1% natural grapefruit extract making them a good choice of baby wipes for sensitive skin of newborns as well. They’re paraben and alcohol-free and hence the prescribed pick for moms. Say no to diaper rash with these wipes since they’re rash-free too. They’re dermatologically tested and pH balanced. The storage lid for easy access keeps them moist and also makes them travel-friendly.

Available in a pack of 72 on Amazon, Flipkart and Firstcry

LuvLap Moisturising Wipes

LuvLap Moisturising Wipes are enriched with Vitamin E, aloe vera, and chamomile extracts. They’re hypoallergenic and gently moisturise baby skin. Available in two fragrances; unscented and aloe vera, they are pH balanced and dermatologically safe. They’re alcohol and paraben-free and can be safely used to clean diaper areas and baby hands and face. Keep them handy for a quick wipe after meals or cleaning up before bedtime.

Available in a pack of 72 on Amazon and Flipkart

A mother wants only the best for her baby. There’s a huge wave of new and established baby products that can spoil her for choice and also confuse her. A little bit of research and help from other moms can give good pointers on which brands and products are good for her precious little one. Hope my list of 5 Best Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin of babies could offer you insights to make an informed choice. This is an inclusive list as there are many other good brands out there.

Which was your brand of choice for your baby? Did you use baby wipes or relied on traditional practices like cloth, cotton and water? I would love to know your experience. Please do share it with me!

15 thoughts on “5 Best Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin

  1. All these brands are new to me except Mother Sparsh. I haven’t used it but heard and read a lot about it. Baby Wipes are so versatile and looking for a good brand is necessary.

  2. Yes baby wipes are good option for taking care of delicate skin of babies. you have suggested many good brands. Mothersparsh sounds most good to me. my sister in law has used this personally and have a good experience with it.

  3. I liked mother sparsh wipes. My kid is super sensitive to strong smells and he never used wipes or face tissues to clean his face for the smell, but he liked mother sparsh.

  4. I have tried most of the brands but I honestly found Mother Sparsh wipes the best for delicate baby skin. It is free from fragrance and excellent choice for even new born babies

  5. Mothersparsh is definitely a good brand and so are the others. I’ve tried most of them when my daughter was a baby and now on my son. Shld always stick to what suits your baby the best.

  6. I personally prefer less fragrant and no alcohol wipes for sensitive kid’s skin. I quite like Mother Sparsh wipes for sure more than Luv lap ones.

  7. This is a nice read. All these brands are doing great . I personally love Mothersparsh baby wipes and using those since long now .

  8. Pigeon and mother sparsh are really good brands and I recommend them too.. Not heard of others but I am sure all the brand which you have mentioned must be worth trying. Thanks for reviewing.

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