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Which is the most cost-effective oven and grill cleaner?

If I had to list out two things that I’m most passionate about, they would undeniably be fitness and food. A typical morning often has me contemplating which area I should head out to run and what yummy treat to toss-up post that. My transformation has never been about abstinence or deprivation and has helped develop respect for my health and cravings, equally. Although not till long ago healthy eating was an oxymoron at best, striking the right balance between them is now my superpower! My foodie family heartily welcomes my baked and grilled versions of their original oily counterparts and my microwave has become my trusted weapon. From homemade bread to pizzas, savoury muffins, and tandoori starters, my microwave makes the cooking time a fun family affair. However, the tough stains that are left behind are mine to deal with. Sigh! Thanks to Cif perfect finish oven and grill cleaner, I’ve found a loyal partner to wipe them off my grill pans and life in a jiffy!

Whether it’s a Saturday night friends’ party at home or any special family occasion, my enterprising chef hormones come out in full force. Multiple recipe books bay for space on my kitchen counter while my grey cells work overtime to achieve perfection in the first go. In the last couple of years, I’ve baked many healthy cakes for my family. Healthy eating surely has its perks and takers. However, while planning and cooking worked like therapy for me, the cleaning part disturbed my chakras big time. A good oven and grill cleaner was hence a burning need in my kitchen!

Which is the most cost-effective oven and grill cleaner_avibrantpalette

The cleanliness part aside, the health hazards following a dirty oven are sure to alarm anyone. Don’t we insist on emptying our refrigerator routinely to ensure hygiene and freshness of food items? Similarly, even if our microwave or oven is not in regular use, it is imperative to understand why we need a good oven and grill cleaner. Let us understand a few crucial reasons behind it.

  • Grease stains – Imagine your shiny oven scarred by grease stains due to ignorance or oversight. Not only will those stains accumulate and get stubborn with time but also leave scratches if you use rough scrubs on them. Wouldn’t it be an eyesore and mar your cooking experience? When it comes to stains, a swipe in time saves nine.
  • Unpleasant food flavour – Not cleaning leftovers in your oven can lead to them burning after every use thereafter. This can affect the taste of your baked and other food items. They will absorb the carbon-based fumes released by the burnt food and may smell bad too. No matter how good your recipe and ingredients then, the food quality will be substandard.
  • Dangerous smoke – Burning food presents another health hazard; smoke. This smoke may contain harmful gases like nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide. These may enter your food reducing their edibility while putting you at severe health risk. Dirty ovens also emit pollutants that contribute to climate change.
  • Pests and other safety issues – Where there’s food, even burnt, all kinds of pests like rodents, cockroaches, ants etc will make a beeline for it. Also, not just hygiene, oven grime can put you at risk of fire too. Thankfully, by using an oven and grill cleaner this can be entirely prevented.

Dirty grills have similar issues and then a couple more as well. I’ll quickly list them out for you.

  • Increased maintenance – If you think scraping the grime is enough to clean your grill, think again. Grills need maintenance. Their burners can get clogged, their metal can rust and the gas lines can age and crack. With proper cleaning, you can closely monitor its upkeep and take proactive measures to lengthen its life.
  • White mould development – Moisture and grease are the best mould food. An unclean and unused grill can easily develop harmful moulds that can be extremely dangerous. You can use an oven and grill cleaner to clean your grill when it’s cold and rinse it thoroughly with clean water. This will thwart moulds from reappearing.

Why is Cif perfect finish oven and grill cleaner my best bet for my oven’s cleanliness?

You might have a fair idea about my relationship with my oven by now. Baked potato chips, Italian dishes like lasagna or my favourite orange cake, it has made me a self-proclaimed home chef. However, as I said before, cleaning it was a taxing affair that often wore me down. After trying out many brands I found Cif to be the perfect choice for my needs. Here’s why:

  • Removes grease and stains – Grease and stains are the trickiest to remove in any kitchen appliance. We risk damaging it with bad products and also ruining its look with excessive cleaning. Cif works on the toughest grease and stains and makes your appliance as well as your kitchen, sparkly clean.
  • Ease of use – The attractive Cif bottle comes with a convenient spray that can help reach difficult places too. Spray it on the required surface and leave it on for some time. You can then wipe and rinse it off easily. It hence saves both time and effort.
  • Safe and fun for everyone – If you’re like me and insist on sharing the load with your family, this is the right product for you. You can easily guide and supervise while your family takes turns in trying their hand at cleaning. Why not treat them with chocolate muffins later for a job well done?
  • Leaves your kitchen shiny – Marble kitchen counters, glass hob tops, or steel gas stoves, all of which lose their shine over time. Thorough cleaning with Cif even once a week will bring back their sparkle and make your kitchen look brand new. Hide your bottle and let others believe that you’ve redecorated!

Cif perfect finish oven and grill cleaner can be used on all kinds of ovens, grills and even cooking equipment. This includes wire racks that are often the toughest to get rid of stains. I used it to remove a thick layer of grime from my chimney as well and it worked fine. This product, hence, has multiple uses. It all depends on how shiny you want your kitchen to be!

Cooking is a cathartic experience for me. I love spending time developing new healthy recipes for my family and readers too. Thanks to the various food hacks I’ve learnt over time, my fitness routine and foodie cravings can now coexist happily. Investing in a good microwave oven opens a wide range of culinary experimenting opportunities that you can undertake. Also, if not electric, you can buy a grill pan and use it for those perfect brown grill lines on your sandwiches and grilled chicken.

If maintaining them seems bothersome to you, Cif perfect finish oven and grill cleaner is there to your rescue. Make your cleaning time fun, easy and super simple with this amazing product. Whether you’re home or outdoors, it’s the only thing you’ll need to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your kitchen equipment. One spray, a few seconds and one swipe are all it takes and you’ll be ready to rock any party without any worries for later. Make sure to add it to your grocery list and see for yourself!


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