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Colours on my plate

It would be a pity if I didn’t flaunt this creation of mine in the one place that has given me such lovely friends and truly makes me feel at home, isn’t it? So, here it is! 🙂

This homemade Pizza Paratha was made from a dough made out of mixed flour (Nachni, wheat and besan), grated paneer, onions, lots of coriander and the regular dry condiments.

Toppings change as per choice, as we know, but I tried to make my pizza healthy by using plenty of seasonal vegetables in it. It helps if you make a regular sabzi first and then top it with loads of cheese, so everything is cooked and difficult to separate. (Mom’s tip? 😉 )

Apart from the fact that the Pizza Paratha tasted awesome, I simply loved the way every colour got defined in it in it’s unique way (even the maroon Nachni lended its lovely shade to it)! 😍

I got a big heads up for this from A Jr, A kept looking at it romantically at length  and Angel learned to say and taste ‘Pizza’. :mrgreen: 😄 😄

If the guinea pigs are happy, the experiment can be deemed successful, yes? 😉 😉

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  1. Send some immediately. SOS ????????

    1. This isn’t Pizza Hut. No home delivery. Come over. ????????????

      1. If it’s not pizza hut, then.. is it Domino’s? Tanananana di, oh pizza aaye free ????????????

        1. Oh god, it took you so long to figure out Domino’s? ????

          1. Ya, I don’t eat pizza. ????????

          2. Really??

          3. On the day I commented that, I dint eat pizza ????????????

          4. ????????????

  2. that is a nice innovation Varsha…… you should throw a party now……

    1. Thank you so much. Party, hmmm sounds good. ????????

      1. start planning…….

        1. Occasion?

          1. do you need occasion for a party…… party itself is a occasion…….

          2. Hahaha ????????

          3. ????????

  3. Very well written!!!

    Check out my blog also to experience the magic of letters!

    Hope you will like it:)

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