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A Colourful Halwa for Holi

Holi is one of the most anticipated festivals of the year. Young and old alike drop their guards during this time and enjoy its colourful revelry and bonhomie in all its glory. Pichkaris, water balloons, colours etc make an appearance while the aromatic scent of special Holi delicacies wafts through every household.

This auspicious day is usually associated with lip-smacking namkeens like dahi wada and sweets like gujiya, rabdi-malpua and puran poli. However, this year I decided to add a touch of colour to my Holi spread and voila, the recipe for Blackcurrent Halwa was created. It is easy, healthy and truly delicious! 🙂

Black grapes are everyone’s favourite in our home. My kids love their sweet-sour taste while their great health benefits make me happy. They’re high in Vitamin C and K, are good for heart health and have excellent anti-oxidant properties. Most of all, they’re available in the market during this time and add a lovely colour to any dish.


Suji/rawa – 1 bowl

Black grapes (chopped) or soaked black raisins – ½ bowl

Sugar – ½ bowl

Ghee – 2 tablespoons

Water – 1 ½ – 2 bowls

Cardamom powder – One pinch


1. Take ghee in a pan and add suji to it once it is hot. Roast them together and keep stirring. Please make sure that you don’t leave the mixture unattended.

2. Roast it till the suji changes its colour to light brown. Meanwhile, add the black grapes/black raisins to it and let them mix well together.

3. The mixture will give away a lovely aroma when it is done. Also, the grapes will release some of their colour to the suji.

4. Add water (preferably hot) to the mixture slowly with one hand and mix it up quickly with the other hand. Avoid forming any lumps. Suji will absorb all the water and the mixture will soon leave the sides of the pan.

5. Add sugar to it. Mix it well and let it melt and cook together for 2-3 minutes.

6. Turn off the flame and add cardamom powder.

7. Your colourful halwa is ready! Remove it in a lovely bowl and serve hot.

This blackcurrent halwa is a refreshing shift from the regular halwa taste our palates are accustomed to. It looks and tastes different and is something our taste buds would surely welcome and enjoy. Also, it is relatively light and easy to digest. Another good thing is that you can easily make it using black raisins when grapes aren’t in season. 🙂

This post is a part of the #HoliHoppers blog hop hosted by Mandavi, Dipika, RuchieAesha and sponsored by VLCC Beauty Products & Phutawan Thailand

40 thoughts on “A Colourful Halwa for Holi

  1. My daughter loves black grapes and loves Suji Halwa. I am trying this recipe today itself. This is a very different and tasty variation in the suju halwa. Thanks for sharing with #HoliHoppers.

  2. Wow looks like a good dessert. I would love to try this recipe sometime soon. Looks so yummy and delicious.

  3. I can never imagine halwa apart from those which I make – Suji and Atta. This is a colorful twist and a must try. Would love to make it using your guidance Varsha, Thanks for linking with #HoliHoppers.

  4. This halwa is so good to look at. I am sure kids will be willing to eat it. Definitely trying it for my little one

  5. A colorful halwa? You really got me the very first dish girl. I would love to try my hands on this dish.

  6. halwa is our one of the favorite sweet dish. We generally make halwa in different occasions. Will try out this recipe next.

  7. Now this looks to be an interesting halwa to make on Holi and other special occassions. Black grapes are my hubby’s favorite fruit and so he will love it. Will surely try this recipe.

  8. Blackcurrent Halwa… That does look delicious for sure. I do make decent normal one, I’ll give this a try someday! ?
    Happy Belated Holi to you and your family, Di!
    I hope everyone’s doing good. ?

  9. I’ve always made a plain normal halwa, this is just d same with a dash of black raisins but tastes totally different,will definitely try it,?

  10. Black grapes in sooji halwa is a totally new twist and super easy too…i must try this one

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