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C ~ Nutritious Foods for a Fit Lifestyle #BlogchatterA2Z

Food travels across boundaries and has a visible influence on the local food culture. Authentic recipes undergo a fusion twist to cater to the new flavours our taste-buds grow accustomed to over time. Chinese, Italian or Mexican foods have found their way into our cooking and lifestyle now. However, does that mean we can alienate traditional foods that form a major part of our childhood nostalgia? Ofcourse, not.

Today’s C list has traditional and modern foods that we love to gorge on. Watch your tongue before it starts punishing the rest of you though. 😉

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From chutney with Idli Sambar to Grandma’s sweet barfis, coconut is an integral part of Indian food. It is high in fat but also contains iron, copper and manganese in excellent quantities. Better heart and bone health and controlled blood sugar levels are some of its known benefits. Top your poha with coconut shavings, add slices to your vegetables or puree it in your gravy. Coconut water is an elixir in scorching summers. Also, food cooked in coconut oil tastes amazing.



Don’t be surprised to find cheese in the list of nutritious foods. This lovely gooey blessing is a superb source of protein. A single slice of cheese has the same amount of nutrients as a large cup of milk. Pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, salads, rolls or parathas, everything tastes better with a generous topping of cheese. Interestingly, variants like Parmesan, Ricotta, Feta, Mozzarella etc have different nutritive values. Remember to not go overboard!


Cucumbers are truly one of the most popular vegetables around the world. They’re low in calories and carbs and have high water content. Pickled cucumbers in burgers and Subway sandwiches give them their distinct taste. Cucumber detox water with lemon helps in flushing out toxins and improves digestion. Closer home, there are many traditional salad recipes too that are both healthy and tasty.

Chia seeds


These tiny brown seeds are fast gaining popularity since they’re amazingly dense in nutrients. They’re high in fiber and contain good amounts of calcium, manganese and magnesium. Sprinkle them over your salads, add them to your smoothie bowls, shakes or simply roast and pop them in your mouth. Make them a part of your lifestyle and add them to your daily food.

Additionally, vegetables like capsicum, carrots and cauliflower enhance the health quotient of your meal. Dig into a bar of chocolate on your cheat days and treat yourself. A good lifestyle is one that doesn’t give you the FOMO feeling, after all.

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  1. I love all the foods that you mentioned with C. Cononut, cheese, cucumber, capsicum and carrots are my favorite. Thank you for mentioning the nutritive value of each food.

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