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What's cooking today?

What do you vegetarians eat everyday? You guys don’t have any choice!”

Many of my non-vegetarian friends have said, and still say, this to me sarcastically, sympathetically, dejectedly and even resignedly many a times, because they feel like a foodie like me is losing out on something precious due to my vegetarian food choice.

There was a time when I had heated discussions with them over this issue, but now I just shrug and let it go. I’m born and brought up in a Marwari family where even eggs were a big no-no in the kitchen. Eating chicken or other non-veg stuff was strictly out of question, although we were allowed to go out and eat eggs, if we wanted.

I love cooking a lot and try to ensure that my kids develop a taste for vegetarian home food, which is always healthier in terms of nutrition and freshness. Every ingredient has a different nutritive content and I believe vegetarian food has its own charm.

Like, I made Hakka noodles for dinner yesterday, Rawa dhokla for breakfast today and our lunch was this wholesome colourful plate full of mother’s love and a balanced mix of essential foods. Quite a varied menu for the boring vegetarian fare, isn’t it? 😉

I was truly not in cooking mood today, but nevertheless managed to create this tasty-looking spread for my family. Nothing beats healthy ‘maa ke haath ka’ home food, right? :)😍

28 thoughts on “What's cooking today?

    1. Ah, you are vegetarian too? You get me completely then! ????
      I try to be half as good as my mother, who was too good at everything. A Jr loves only home food as of now, and that makes me happy. ☺
      Thank you so much Radhi. Hope you could join in too. We could exchange our lunch plates then. ????

    1. Palak paratha it is. It is dal fry. Added the tadka and fried onion as garnish. ????
      Khichdi everyday? Then you have Angel for company. She doesn’t have chicken curry though, some vegetable added to the khichdi. ????

      1. Oh.. I love theplas. They are yumm. ???? Oh, kadi, thepla are all gujrathi dishes isn’t it..
        Yes, angel and I should have lunch together sometime. Dal khichdi and some paneer dish may be.
        I eat chicken only because doc asked me to increase my weight. ???? Since now I am healthy, I don’t eat chicken everyday.????

        1. I love theplas too. The food in my home is a mix of Marwari and Gujrati food..
          I can make for you both. Dal khichdi…paneer….if you like I will make moong also. Protein in any form. ☺
          Yes, please follow the doc’s advice and eat healthy. You should.

          1. Yes ma’am ???????? doctor is happy with my progress, I gained 5kilos in the past 6-7 months ????
            I don’t like moong dal in any other dish, except for khichdi. OK then, khichdi and rajma you make, I ll come and sit with angel for lunch. ???????? Fryums is necessary. Different shapes wala. ????????

          2. I will be happy if I lose 5 kgs in the next few months. What an irony! ????
            Done, khichdi and rajma it is. You have lunch with Angel. Fryums…I have triangle…. stars…. circles…. cylindrical and also the alphabet ones. Enough choice? ????????????

  1. What a colorful spread, and that too when you are ‘not’ in a mood! Varsha, glad I am back in your space and can get a glimpse into your life, once again! Yummy and delicious meal and I am sure the primary ingredient in that is ‘LOVE’.
    Can so totally agree with you on the ‘vegetarian choices’. I was brought up a vegetarian (absolutely by choice and not as a taboo) and my preference for vegetarian food stays up to this day. The choices are indeed endless what with just the variety of parathas to talk about just one of the many. As long as you enjoy your meals and your choices, nothing else really matters!
    Belated Valentine Wishes, V! Wishing you love and happiness!

    1. So nice to have you back here, Perfy! ????
      It was love, you got that right. We had plans to order in but I just wasn’t prepared to choose from someone else’s menu. Picky, huh? ????????
      My mom was very strict about non-veg food, although she didn’t disapprove when I started eggs for A Jr for gaining weight when he was younger. Personally, I hated the smell of egg. You are a choice, wow!
      Choices are immense, really! One change of ingredient and its a whole new recipe, if only we are adventurous enough to try it out.
      Belated Valentine wishes to you too, dear. Hope you are healthy, happy and surrounded by love always! ????????

  2. Blessed are those who happen to be around your kitchen!

    I was born in a Brahmin family where even eggs were a “big-no-no” just as you put that above. My friends introduced me to non-vegetarian food in the hostel but I am back to being a “grass-eater” as they would put it, except for eggs, which the shrinks have prohibited me from eating due to poor tolerance to cholesterol-packed fares anyway. If I don’t get to eat plain rice, pulse, and alu-ka-parantha for an entire week, I run the risk of going bonkers.

    1. Coming from you, this is a huge compliment. Thank you so much Umashankar. ????

      Thankfully, my friends only gave me a fright of slipping a chicken piece in my chhole or potato gravy whenever I ate at their place. I never had non-veg food, and don’t think ever will. ‘Grass-eater’ ???????? yes the perfect word. I’ve heard it too.
      Incidentally rice, pulses and alu paratha are my temptations too. Lets have together next time. ????????

  3. That’s very true! the vegetarian or vegan stigma is still there, specailly moms and grandmothers always ended up saying something about it! but is just part of the game and also all the questions that you get from people are sometimes enoying other times kind of funny! we tend to be more createve and recursive !

    1. They bothered me earlier but I’ve learned to ignore them now. Our food choice and preferences need no validation from anyone. Its a very personal matter. Call it a fad or simply following culture, it is what it is.
      Thanks for taking time out to read and comment. Interrsting name you have. ????

  4. Oh, I’m a total opposite to you! I relish non-veg food like there’s no tomorrow, and frown upon dishes that are totally veg. But lately, I had been to Ganpatipule, where I had enjoyed a really delicious Veg Thali. I mean, the masalas were really tasty, and I didn’t for once crave for chicken while I ate it!
    Besides my favourite mummy-ke-haath Ka dish is paneer Chatpata, and bhindi fry ????

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