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The Confession #FridayFotoFiction


It had happened so fast that for a fleeting hopeful moment Vihaan wished that this was a nightmare and would soon come to an end. Sadly, it was all true.

He loved and enjoyed being a prankster. While it was permissible to switch sugar with salt in someone’s tea or send a girl letters bearing someone else’s name and admitting later, this time he had crossed the line.

He had recklessly drizzled oil on the last stair of Abhay’s house and wickedly peeked from behind a tree as Abhay, who suffered from haemophilia, slipped and fell down, banging his forehead on the ground and bleeding instantly.

After two days, today Abhay had gained consciousness. Investigations regarding how the oil got there had borne no fruit till now. “I have to confess to everyone, starting with Abhay.” Vihaan thought as he ran up the same stairs, slowly and carefully.

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  1. How I wish he would have fallen too- what a wicked thing to do

    1. I wish too. Remorse cannot undo the wrong.

  2. At times, pranksters do no realize the degree of hurt that their pranks can cause someone else. Whether physical pain or mental agony, I hope he would be more sensitive in future.

    1. I felt the same. Mental, emotional or physical, any kind of prank can turn into a nightmare for the recipient. One needs to be very careful always.

  3. There is a fine line between pranks and devilry. Hope Vihaan repented

    1. One can only do so much at someone else’s cost. What good can a prank be if it kills the humanity inside you? I hope he repents too.

  4. opinionatedmua says:

    I like the ending. He realized his mistake and wanted to confess instead of running away. That’s what kids should be thought too always. Accept mistakes and be sorry.

    1. I wanted the good in him to win and glad it did. We make mistakes but the noble thing would be to own them up and try to rectify.

  5. snehalboricha says:

    I have never played such pranks which are risky! 😀

    1. Neither have I. People have pulled pranks on me though and it wasn’t pleasant.

  6. One should not play pranks which can hurt others , physically or emotionally.

    1. Couldn’t agree more with you, Ghazala.

  7. Nisha Malik says:

    It can actually happen to anybody and we are just left with remorse!!!

    1. That’s the sad truth of life!

  8. I must admit by now that I so love your short quick stories and concepts ????nice read

    1. That means a lot, thank you so much!

  9. Pranks should be within a limit. I am not against pranks but if it is going to hurt someone then its better avoided

    1. Exactly. A little bit of naughtiness is allowed. Not the one that can cause serious harm though.

  10. I personally wont mind such prank if SRK is standing to hold me. lols. But trust me such jokes can be a life threatening sometimes.

    1. SRK? Really? ????

  11. Really we should not play dangerous or heartless pranks with any one. Pranks are for laughter and for fun so these should be under limit.

    1. Yes, having fun is a part of youth. The pranks can be played a part of it. There must be some limit to them though.

  12. Though prankster, I still would give marks to Vihaan. Admitting the prank that almost cost a life, needs a courage. And does it also not mean that he meant no evil?
    Gripping take on the slippery land, Varsha!
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

    1. True. You have a point there. He did acknowledge his mistake and was ready to face its consequences. It needs and shows courage.

  13. You speak a volume in few lines. Another interesting piece. Good that Vihaan decided to confess.

    1. Thank you so much, Hena. I like to use words with caution. Glad you noticed. ❤

  14. Pranks are fun unless and until they don’t cause any harm.

    1. You are right there, Prerna.

  15. Nice read.. I love reading such short reads

    1. Thanks. Glad you liked it. 🙂

  16. Though it’s prank and hurt Abhay but it’s good that vihaan know to confess her fault great read

    1. Thank you Bushra.

  17. He seems to be quite wicked. .. Hun? Cute

  18. Wow.. sounds like an awesome story.. will wait for the next parts

    1. This is wrapped up here. Next story will be a fresh one. 🙂

  19. this time he has crossed a limit! I hope abhay recovers soon

    1. Hope he does. Abhay had no mistake. Poor guy.

  20. My Closet Diary says:

    Pranking someone for fun is one thing, everyone enjoys it, but going beyond a certain limit and hurting someone and then being sorry, doesn’t work!

    1. Hurting on purpose is wrong. Confessing though needs courage.

  21. I’m glad I have stayed far from pranks

    1. That is a good thing. 🙂

  22. ohhh..wicked!! Never did understand the need for pranks, and i do feel today’s media is just making matters worse! The good thing in your story was at least he realized in the end – hope in real life too people learn and make amends! 🙂

    1. Indeed, Ishi. It is easy to laugh at someone’s expense for a while but living with the guilt of when it goes wrong is a punishment. People should own up their deeds.

  23. Pranks can be dangerous sometimes! Especially when there is something like this involved

    1. That’s true.

  24. rashimital says:

    The definition of pranks has changed over the years. From being funny n innocent, these have grown to the level of devilry or even revenge, at times. I hope we all accept r doings, like Vihaan. Cheers!

    1. Kids are growing up so fast now that their age of innocence is rushed and forgotten too quickly. Unless we are vigilant and teach them to differentiate right from wrong, such things will happen. Vihaan was wrong but atleast he was ready to accept. Thanks for the comment Rashi.

  25. A lesson learnt before it was too late. Brave of him to confess.
    Thank you for writing for #FridayFotoFiction

    1. Your prompts are so wonderful, Mayuri! I love racking my brain to think of a scenario no one covered. Till date I’m happy with myself. (Humility, adios!) ????

  26. Pranksters sometimes get too extreme, the situation today is so worse. There’s no fun, only evil in them. Thanks for linking up with #FridayFotoFiction

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