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Wishful Thinking #BarAThon

A checkered shirt unbuttoned halfway through, an intentionally mutilated ragged and torn pair of jeans, a hairstyle ripped off from his favourite Khan’s latest movie, the ear studs, the bracelets, the stench of cheap perfume one could smell from a mile away, and if all this wasn’t disgusting enough, the bizarre half-bear, half-monkey gait. This was Viju; college dropout, unemployed, trouble-monger and a permanent fixture at the roadside tea stall.

The rechristening of Vijay to Viju had changed more than just his name. No one knew how or when, the once intelligent and ambitious Vijay’s mind got corrupted and he fell into bad company and disrepute. He had also been summoned to the police station many times for petty crimes. His hapless parents struggled to make ends meet and took his shenanigans out of no choice.

Viju’s friends were habitual eve-teasers and made it difficult for any girl to walk past them without cursing her own luck or gender. Viju wasn’t one of them. He had his heart set on Asha; their neighbour’s daughter who was doing her graduation in Commerce in a college nearby. On more than one occasion he had tried talking to her, but his reputation preceded him. She snubbed him every time.

Not one to give up on his wishful thinking, Viju resolved to make her accept his proposal and once and for all put his friends’ jabs to rest, or else…! His screen icons never gave up until their lady love relented, did they? He had to extract a yes, anyhow!

People with a distorted mentality and limited vision often fail to see things in the complete light. Unaware of what Asha was capable of, one day Viju waited for her outside her college, prepared to make her face dire consequences if need be. So busy was he in going over the plan in his mind that he didn’t notice Asha walking towards him.

Elated, he fumbled, smiled and extended a rose-bearing hand towards her. Without accepting it, she asked to him to show her both his hands. Holding a blade in his other pocketed hand, he was visibly baffled about what his next move should be. While he searched for some plausible excuse, she put her hand in her bag and said lovingly, “I had expected this some day. Don’t ask how or why. I have a gift for you too.”

As his jaw dropped with shock, he felt the sudden sting of his favourite pepper. Not in his mouth this time, but his eyes. As he covered them instantly and screeched wildly, he felt the horrendous pain of a perfectly aimed kick in his crotch. This led to a sudden commotion and invited many more wannabe wishful thinking heroes, anxious to prove their mettle to a petty eve-teaser.

This post has been written for Day 6 of the 7 day blogging challenge BAR-A-THON.

Today’s prompt is ‘Wishful Thinking’.


19 thoughts on “Wishful Thinking #BarAThon

    1. That might be our wishful thinking. These people are sometimes incorrigible. I do hope he learnt a lesson though.
      Thanks for being here Shilpa. ☺

      1. When you prepare a new dish you contemplate how you will go about it…arrange material …methodical get to preparing it. I wish to know how you prepare a new story and time it takes…all simple nitty gritties…

        1. Wow…that’s a little tricky, like trying a new dish or preparing a tried and tested one.
          New dish requires patience and the right choice of ingredients like words and situations, like this one. I’ve never written any such thing before.
          And most importantly, I do it to please myself. The taste should be the way I like it. So, it may or may not serve right for everyone’s palette. Yet I go ahead and cook it.
          Does this make sense? I’m not sure myself. ????

          1. you write it after you have chalked out the whole plot or you do so while wriring..Do you also try to mix some real life situations to the fiction you write…your characters ..are they totally new or someone similar to you know in real life…

          2. I derive inspirations, true. But the characters are so common, they can be anyone. I start with an idea in my mind and while writing I develop it. The end result is sometimes completely different from what I started out, but that’s only for me to know. ☺

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