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How to make the most of your family vacation in Pattaya

Pattaya, located in Thailand, is a place that needs no introduction. Everything from its beaches and natural beauty to its spas and nightlife has made it one of the most loved and preferred travel destinations. Not only is it easy to get to and boasts of a similar tropical climate as ours, but it also… Read More How to make the most of your family vacation in Pattaya

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Homemade Layered Mango Dessert

Monsoons have made their grand entry giving us Mumbaikars much respite from the sweltering summer heat. Although clichéd, reactions like petrichor winds and tip-tip sounds of raindrops with trees and roads awash with renewed freshness are out in full force already. While typical monsoon fare like roasted corn by the roadside and pakodas with evening… Read More Homemade Layered Mango Dessert

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M is for Mango #BlogchatterA2Z

After lapping up one yum food post after another I wonder if it crossed anyone’s mind that no fruit had made it to my list yet. Truth be told, the king of all fruits does like to make a grand entrance (or show up late, if you may 😛 ). Hey, it isn’t my doing… Read More M is for Mango #BlogchatterA2Z

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Make your kids enjoy learning with #AppyStore

“These belonged to me, but you can have them now.” said A Jr and generously offered Angel his big cd folder which had every single cd he had owned (or I gifted him?) ever since he was a year old. Nursery rhymes, prayers, stories, alphabets, numbers and what have you, it was all there! It… Read More Make your kids enjoy learning with #AppyStore