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Vacay this year with your new friend #Instacuppa #Superbloggerchallenge2018

With summer vacations round the corner many of us are planning our annual family trip for some much-needed R & R and quality time with our loved ones. Exotic locales are explored and zeroed in while suitcases are filled with colourful breezy attire to beat the heat. Parents and kids alike look forward to the prospect of pampering their taste buds over loads of junk food with scant regard to its health effects.

However, is this slipshod attitude towards our health for even a week worth pouring cold water over an entire year’s hard work? I’ve been on several road trips with my parents as a child and guiltily admit of having survived on packs of chips and aerated drinks for days. I was reproachfully allowed this indulgence for my vacation-mode puppy face *rolling eyes* and reluctance to quench my thirst with water or fruit juices.

Parenting though has taught me better. My tug of war with the weighing scale made me resort to healthier options not only to keep my calorie intake in check but also helped realise the importance of proper hydration for my body. Given a chance I would rather have me and my kids gorge on natural drinks and products that would be safe and beneficial for us. Fruit infused water was my first choice.

What is fruit infused water?

When fruits, vegetables or herbs are submerged in cold water for a few hours their natural flavours are retained in it which then becomes fruit infused water. The best part is that we don’t need to add sugar or any other artificial ingredients to it.

Why is fruit infused water good for us?

  • Rich in minerals and vitamins and keeps us hydrated.
  • Calorie-free and perfect for weight-loss.
  • Helps reduce muscle fatigue post workouts.
  • Can be customised, is tasty and a great mood enhancer.
  • Flushes toxins from our system and helps feel energised.

Instacuppa’s fruit infuser bottle made everything easy for me. This sleek and smart bottle can pack a powerful punch of vitamins and minerals naturally while helping us remain hydrated.

Why is Instacuppa Fruit Infuser bottle good for you?

  • Stylish, convenient and travel-friendly.
  • Has a leak-proof and anti-sweat technology.
  • Great way to make detox drinks.
  • Offers various recipes to get your perfect sinful combination.
  • Has a stainless steel protein shaker ball, perfect for making protein shakes.

Also check out Instacuppa’s Green tea detox infuser bottle

I haven’t played around much with flavours yet and enjoy the lemon cucumber ginger and mint infused water with different fruits immensely. It is rich in antioxidants and the perfect drink to drive the blues away. One has to taste and experience how refreshing it really is!

So next time you go on vacation don’t forget to pack this new friend of yours along with that tube of sunblock cream. Using native fruits of the place and creating new recipes from it sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

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14 thoughts on “Vacay this year with your new friend #Instacuppa #Superbloggerchallenge2018

  1. We all are guilty at one or the other point when it comes to munching on chips or othet unhealthy stuff while holidaying?. Mindful eating and drinking can avoid health issues but it is always difficult to avoid the unwanted tantrums of kids especially in public. Parents are forced to give in. It happens. But again we’ll not sit quiet. This summer instacuppa magic is going to make us win, I hope.?

  2. Road trips, binge eating and savoring aerated drinks is so synonymous but hazardous as well. InstaCuppa fruit infuser appears to be a good substitute and convenient too.

  3. Well yes, come vacation time and we gorge on junk food. Some attention has to be paid to the water intake too. Infused water is a great option. Instacuppa definitely provides attractive products. Great post.

  4. Agreed infused water has so many great health benefits and these products are really awesome and will make our job to stay healthy, much easier. thanks for sharing #Superbloggerchallenge2018

  5. Before I knew about infused water I used to buy maaza whenever I felt thirsty. Without realizing how many calories I was consuming. Now with my own detox bottle, I will be more conscious about my health. #SuperBlggerChallenge2018

  6. I look forward to get this as it looks travel friendly and easy to use. Fruit infusion as you say is the best way to keep toxicity at bay. Very nice post . #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #Instacuppa

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