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Exploring the Health and Fitness liaison #MyFriendAlexa

Transformation takes into its fold an assortment of visible and invisible factors. Visible factors can be easily observed and are often generously complimented upon. However, invisible ones are harder to work on and there’s sadly nothing to show for them. Health and fitness are two areas that are at the centre of any transformation journey. How does one find out where to focus and how, though?

When I started out I set realistic goals for myself. I was 73 kgs at the time and planned on losing 2 kgs per month. My primary focus was to get fit and not ruin my health or happiness by stretching myself too much. My journey did not commence overnight either. I took my own sweet time to chalk out the perfect roadmap, complete with cheat and break days. I made serious changes in my diet and downloaded fitness apps that I could work out with. Gyms weren’t a practical choice and I was my only guide.

The New Me_avibrantpalette

Health and fitness is a marriage made in heaven. They perfectly compliment each other, and better still, you benefit from it. Let me share some easy reference pointers for you.


Good health is a happy combination of mental, emotional and physical health. Assumingly, you can’t hope to achieve one by turning a blind eye to another.

  • Mental health – Mental health is important. Period. While one wouldn’t connect it with transformation, I strongly suggest otherwise. Dealing with cravings, unmet goals or disappointing results can easily wreak havoc with your confidence. It took me months to chin up when my weight hit a plateau and wouldn’t budge despite my best efforts. Your body derives its energy from your thoughts and mental strength. You fight and win in your mind first. So hang in there and don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Emotional health – Age isn’t a bar for lifestyle diseases anymore. Diabetes, heart problems and now Coronavirus, the fear these names induce is worse than themselves. While there are medicines to deal with diseases and viruses, how can one deal with negative emotions? I saw in helpless dismay as my Mom’s body slowly gave up on her over the years. It broke my heart but also made me stronger emotionally. What is life if not learning from experiences, right?
  • Physical health – Physical health is often associated with the right BMI ratio, heart health and many other measurable aspects. It is comparatively easier to address, achieve and sustain with a good lifestyle. My average height and pear-shaped body sometimes don’t do justice to my hard work. However, numbers are kinder. I’m 55 kgs now and my BMI has come down from 31.2 to 23.5 with sheer discipline. If I can, trust me, so can you. Get moving, get regular checkups done and please, don’t take your health and fitness for granted.



There’s no wrong time or age to get into fitness. All one needs is the motivation to get started and the grit to continue. How did I transform from an obese girl who never played sports to a regular Marathoner? Read on to know.

  • Getting fit or losing weight? – I’ve tried countless ways to lose weight all my life. Funny and cruel as it may sound, I could never sustain anything for more than a few months. Weight loss therapies, magic potions, fancy diets or an expensive nutritionist cannot keep you slim forever. The hard truth remains that without a fitness routine alongside, there’s always the risk of it bouncing back. Even if you’re at your ideal weight, make fitness a habit. Why do actors and actresses invest heavily in high-end gym subscriptions and personal trainers? Give it a thought.
  • Work on your endurance – We Indians are famous for extracting the last bit of everything, aren’t we? Why then do we so quickly resist testing our own endurance? Jogging, lifting weights or strength training are strenuous exercises but you have to go all out the first day! Try walking faster if it helps you. I never ran in my life but now I do, thrice a week. From panting shamelessly at 100m I’ve come to running 10km without breaks. Stamina is built over time and you must give it time.
  • Fitness goals to suit you! – A good fitness routine is a combination of various forms of exercises. However, not everything addresses everyone’s fitness goals or takes their practical physical limitations into account. Like, someone with knee pain shouldn’t be advised to run long distances. My weak shoulders make it extremely difficult for me to do full push-ups. I do half push-ups instead. If you have a trainer, convey your issues clearly. Your health and fitness are your priority, not simply following orders or pleasing anyone.

I’ve shared my transformation journey here extensively with my health and fitness posts. My #FitnessWithVarsh series on the blog and Instagram received an overwhelming support too. However, initially it was a lonely path with just my own self cheering on from the sidelines every single day. Could there have been anyone better to root for me though? I doubt!

I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa.

39 thoughts on “Exploring the Health and Fitness liaison #MyFriendAlexa

  1. Mental Health. Physical Health. Emotional Health. They are the Holy Trinity, if we are talking of good health.
    You have explained each aspect so well. Your posts are so real, Varsha, just as your transformation is. Keep up both, working out and documenting your journey. You never know whom it might help.

    1. yes I agree we all have our set of limitations and strength. focusing on our journey and make changes accordingly is very important to follow your fitness passion for longer years. and yes mental health is equally important for overall health and wellness.

  2. “Health and fitness is a marriage made in heaven.” – over this line. You are so honest in penning down your journey. Luckily, I never had to go on an intense fitness routine but I exercise daily to maintain the flexibility. Staying fit is my goal.

  3. If this pandemic has taught us anything then it has to be “health is our true wealth”. It is imperative to pay attention to our physical as well as mental health. Wonderful post 🙂

  4. tThis series is an inspiration on its own..your transformation is commendable. And the best part is you do not try to loose weight. Feeling good and getting healthier is making things work for you.

  5. Totally agree with you. Physical, mental and emotional health is important. I have written on similar lines but not about what we go through on the journey to losing weight.

  6. Another masterpiece from your blog, Varsha. I love it all the more after reading, the quote – Transformation isn’t ONLY about looking good, but feeling happy from within. You explained it so well, the basic threads of entire fitness regime.

  7. Most people concentrate on getting a size over fitness. This series of posts is so inspiring, especially this post do tell the understated elements of fitness journey, the mental and emotional part.

  8. SARS-Cov2 has taught us to take our health and fitness very seriously so this was a timely post . I love your new happy and fitlook , I know it needs a lot of courage to put a pic of the older you, but that would really have completed the transformation.Nevertheless Kudos to you !

  9. I have always aimed on being fit rather than just loosing weight. It is more about fitness than just looking good. Also while we are at it mental health is also very important. While bringing changes to our diet we often become moody and feel urges as we not used to the new routine which results and binge eating later and altogether losing your plan.

  10. I am so glad you wrote about this. A great health is a combination of emotional, mental and physical health. Often Emotional health isn’t given great importance, even though its crucial to take care of it.

  11. II love reading about transformation stories and to be honest, when it is of people like you, who are so real and relatable, i feel inspired to take action myself.
    I liked your end point, that who better than you yourself, to cheer yourself on 🙂

  12. Reading your posts is such a delight, Varsha. Feels like you’re talking one-on-one! I totally love how you’ve deciphered each of metal, physical & emotional well-being. They’re our pillars. Come on, every one of us needs to know that whenever we talk about fitness, it doesn’t adhere only to the aesthetics of a person.

    Lovely post, as usual.

  13. Yes of lately the view towards fitness has changed a but but still lots more work need to create awareness among people about things that you have pointed out like getting fit v/s weight loss and working towards endurance.

  14. Health & Fitness go hand in hand. Loved how you decoded both in this post. I wish I had the same determination as you. Your transformation is amazing. I am sure this series will motivate many others to embark on their fitness journey.

  15. With the situation we are in – pandemic and floods in Hyderabad – and with ever rising work pressure, it’s important to focus on mental well being as well like you rightly pointed out. From the physical well being front, endurance is something that I need to work on. Thanks for sharing such detailed and helpful post Varshaji.

  16. Mind now one sees but the physical health can be seen and hence we are open to talking more about what our naked eyes see. Mental health and how I wish could be seen with our naked eyes as much. Thanks for this lovely post.

  17. Wow Varsha. That is such a motivating post. And trust me while I am writing this comment I am standing on the same place where you must be with 73 kgs. I am also slowly and steadily working on my roadmap to fitness and its proving to be very hard. But have no choice but to loose steadily.

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