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Khaate peete ghar ki ladki :-)

The three people disapproved my presence for different reasons and at varied degree, generously making it crystal clear for me. The man, with his flaring nostrils and intimidating eyes emitting invisible death rays, was furious but controlled, acknowledging the decency of the place. The woman, hopeful but resigned to the fate of my choice, empathized and tried looking away. The boy, with his wicked smirk and inexhaustive repertoire of teasing wisecracks, was thoroughly enjoying himself.

This, ladies and gentleman, was our normal family dinner in a Gujrati thali restaurant when I was in college. (Yes, you can go back and reread if you wish.) You’ll be thoroughly amused to know that since my sparrow-feed diet didn’t approve of such luxury I was NEVER allowed to have a paisa-vasool thali. Idlis, dosas or sandwiches were made and served for me on special request. :-/

Khaate peete ghar ki, pleasantly plump, well endowed or the like, use as many euphemisms of your choice but the truth remains that I was always on the heavier side and hated myself for it. Genetics and laziness can majorly be attributed the blame for it because, believe it or not, I’ve practically been on diet half of my life. I don’t remember the last time I munched on a single potato chip guilt-free or carelessly lost myself in my favourite moong ki daal ka halwa. 🙁

Back then there was no internet and lesser temptation. Mc Donald’s or any of the major fast food chains hadn’t discovered our city yet. Going out was limited to family outings and the only drinks we knew were soft drinks. I ate what I liked and not what I’m supposed to like or recommended. Getting a grip on my intake was easy, although my family, especially my Dad, thought that I was being paranoid.

The scene is quite interesting now. Hilarious as it may seem, I believe I have an edge. My once lady finger friends have now grudgingly and awkwardly become a potato while I, always being one, take comfort in knowing that I can be spicy, sweet and mouth-wateringly irresistible if I choose to be. It is all in our mind. 😛 😉 🙂

The new three people in my life, my husband and kids, now sit across the table from me. A insists I’m beautiful as I am, I should eat to my heart’s content and asks me to run an extra mile the next day if need be, while my puppy-eyed babies don’t touch their food if I don’t take a bite from it. I let myself go happily, in moderation.

Indulgence might be sinful but as they say, “Life’s too short, have your dessert first!” 😉 🙂

Are you a lady finger or a potato? You know you want to say something. Go ahead! 🙂

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39 thoughts on “Khaate peete ghar ki ladki :-)

  1. hahaha love the way u explained life is too short have ur dessert first. i love the line .i m the girl who is always up for a dessert.

  2. I am not a lady finger nor a potato but something in between. And yes I too can’t give up my dessert… Loved the article… Penned beatifully

  3. love the post.. been always a potato & been judged severely for it! your sense of humor when you recall this gives me hope that someday i too shall look back in acceptance!!!

    1. For someone who’s so positive, just don’t let it affect you Ishi. I’ve been though it and know that other than us no one really cares. Picking on is easy, motivating isn’t. They take the easy way out.
      And yes, you’re absolutely gorgeous! Please let those skinny girls get their due. Koi to dekh le unko bhi. 😛

    1. Oh, I’ve changed a lot over the years. Came close to being a lady finger and an overgrown potato, both. 😀 Not to mention two pregnancies have done their bit too.
      You’re just too much lady. I know those hundreds of squats and miles of jogging/walking are the hourglass secret. 😉

  4. A Lady finger or I must say– A radish pod. I hated myself for that. But yes, a single advantage. I can eat anything without worrying about gaining extra kilos. But then health comes in between. I have a strong self-control ability when it comes to health. A nice fun read.

  5. Hola from one always-been-potato to another. This could be me doing the post. That bit about ladyfinger friends turning potatoes – so gratifying, isn’t it? it’s like, finally we’re on the same footing :-).

  6. This is MY TYPE of post, Varsha. Oh! It was like you were talking about me minus the dieting. I have never ever gone on a diet – may be avoided a few delicacies quiet painfully but no full-fledged dieting for me. Food, I have always enjoyed. Every blemish, stretch mark, pimple and curve have a story to tell – most of them food stories – but we just need to be comfortable in ourselves, dress right and be happy 🙂 And yes, run a mile for that will be the only time for yourself away from the kitchen, chores and FOOD 😉

  7. Awwww this was such a such a cute post I tell you… I wanna go back and re read this again and again… I was a potato kid during my childhood years and now I take sadistic pleasure seeing all my extra thin, taunting friends have become idaho potatoes ???

  8. Hehehehe! This was amusing, Varsh!
    Well, I belong to the other end of the spectrum – I am a lady finger…always have been – much to the concern of my parents, my hubby and me! I can eat as much as I like and not gain an ounce! So, I always ate whatever I felt like without a worry in the world, as opposed to my friends, who complained that just by sniffing the air in the canteen, they would put on a kilo! Now, though, I have become a wee bit curvy and it feels good, coz people don’t pass bitter comments like “doesn’t your hubby allow you to eat?” And, I enjoy my slim frame!

  9. Ha ha this was a fun read, true those were the days when we ate what we loved and not what was recommended or supposed to be..m a ladyfinger as you asked and always up for any dessert!

  10. This is such a beautifully written posts. Loved the way you have described your life. Well, even I have been endowed with decent kind of health but I never leave my dessert too. 🙂 Life indeed is too short to worry. However, I believe that balancing between the taste buds and health would be good for long life.

  11. Had a great time reading this Varsh. First few lines into it, and I was rolling over the floor! You packed a powerful punch dear…

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