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The Grudge #WoWe

Dipti peeped from over her cubicle repentantly as the once exuberant Kunal hung his head low and silently walked over to his workstation. She had been jubilant when her seniors had almost sacked him on her coaxing. However, she had let a personal grudge overshadow her professional behaviour and that was highly intolerable.

It happened a week ago. Her team had worked crazy hours for three months and met impossible deadlines, finally. Their project was extended and they had pocketed a handsome incentive for their hard work.

After a cake-cutting ceremony at work they took their celebrations to a newly-opened pub nearby. Glasses clinked and copious amounts of alcohol made its way into their system. Dipti, inebriated and infatuated, cornered an unsuspecting Kunal and surreptitiously planted a kiss on his lips. He politely backed out, impressing upon her that he was in a committed relationship.

Hurt and embarrassed, next day a spiteful Dipti filed a sexual harassment case against Kunal and demanded his removal. His defence and pleas went unheard; however he was allowed to continue, pending investigations. The news spread like wildfire.

Remorsefully, she walked up to him and in full view of everyone started with, “I’m sorry, Kunal.”

Words: 200

Written for the #WoWe prompt hosted by Mayuri and Rashi

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2 thoughts on “The Grudge #WoWe

  1. Wow!
    Glad you wrote about sexual harrassment from the other side.
    So many lessons and so many layers in this story, Varsha. Brilliant read!
    Thanks for writing for #WoWe

  2. Wow. It takes hell lot of courage to do what Dipti has done. Accepting one’s mistake for even a small act is difficult to do by people today. So accepting something like wrong sexual harassment charges is huge. Talks about one’s character and intent both. The good and the bad, both are within us. It’s what we let be the conqueror. Thanks for writing in, Varsha. I so loved this story. Speaks of courage, and to do the right thing always. 🙂

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