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Social media: My share of Bouquets and Brickbats #MyFriendAlexa

Social media is a tool that has brought the world closer than ever before. Much of what happens around us is either influenced by it or affects it in some way. Whether you’re a politician, businessman, sportsperson, film producer or a common man, social media gives you a platform to say and be heard. Content creators, digital marketers or bloggers like me use it extensively to find potential clients, showcase our work and broaden our reader base.

I’m an introvert and have a long-standing love-hate relationship with it. The little person inside me desperately begs to log off while the outer practical one scrolls down and engages on good content. Also, surrendering to this cute distraction has its virtues and fun moments. For instance, I’ve been able to chart my transformation journey on my feed for ready reference. Luckily for me, it has helped scores of people as well.


We all know that social media is a double-edged sword and have benefited as well as faced heartburn due to its omnipresence in our lives. For the purpose of this post lets limit the discussion to my personal transformation stint, shall we?


People who know me know that I always keep away from confrontations. I focus on my content, openly express what I like and keep any reservations to myself. My content is personal, real, on point and, thankfully, often well-received. The heartening comments on my posts also suggest that I’m probably doing something right.

  • Appreciation – While appreciation has poured in from all quarters, my friends and relatives are the ones truly flabbergasted with the change. They often seek me out for tips too. “Tumne ye kaise kiya” is the first thing I’m asked whenever I talk to someone now. Thanks to social media for enabling me to share my fitness titbits seamlessly even during the lockdown.
  • Finding my tribe – I’m obviously not the only one on a transformation journey. Many friends have used the last few months to loose weight and tuck up as well. Comparing notes with them, learning new hacks, workouts etc are great ways to get inspired. What more, we can find and raid healthy food joints together too. Online and offline boundaries are indeed fast getting blurred.
  • Information – Some handles on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram have been a source of priceless information to me. I’ve learnt the right position to run, diet tips, tricky Yogasans and lot more with them. Although, I confess that personalising it is the real clincher. It helps to remember that they’re experts and we’re still students. Filter the information to suit your goals and you’re set.



Do the positives mean that I haven’t had a frustrating experience online? Definitely not! From iniquitous judgement to completely losing the plot, social media has introduced me to a strange brand of self-promoting people.

  • Feedback – I’m self-learned, self-dependant and am still learning. Negative feedback, although unwarranted, over time has only made me stronger. “You look sick”, “Papad banegi kya” and other such sharp reactions once made me retreat into my shell. However, I’ve attained nirvana from negativity now. Ignorance is bliss and their jealousy is my flattery. Also, why else do we have the block option, eh? 😉
  • Body positivity gone wrong! – I haven’t yet fathomed the connection between body positivity and nudity. Can self-acceptance only be demonstrated with your ample cleavage peeping out of your pictures? Flaunting bare skin might get you followers and likes but please don’t fool yourself or anyone else. Body positivity, like I said earlier, comes from within and it shows. I sincerely hope that I have promoted healthy lifestyle on my blog, not myself. Pray, tell.
  • Is honesty my real policy? – Playing victim is everyone’s favourite sport on social media. Truthfully, I never was one. My struggles weren’t brought about by medical emergencies nor needed any serious intervention. I gained and lost weight repeatedly until I decided to break the cycle. People make a joke of the blood and sweat I’ve expended in transforming myself with an ignominious “kya zarurat thi”. I can’t comment on others’ journey but I’ve been blatantly honest all along. Celebrate the good things if you must but please don’t undermine anyone’s efforts. Pictures don’t lie, do they?

The New Me_avibrantpalette

I’m not an addict per se but a world without social media would possibly put the blogger/influencer me out of work! It can be a rich source of inspiration if you know where to look. I’ve ranted my heart out on difficult days and have also deactivated my accounts for months at a time. It always welcomes me back with open arms though. Guess the painful, unsparing brickbats can be tolerated for the wonderful bouquets. What say?

I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa.

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59 thoughts on “Social media: My share of Bouquets and Brickbats #MyFriendAlexa

  1. Social media is a double edged sword. I agree with you on so many points and faced a few similar situations too. I like your transformation and get inspired from it. Hopefully one day I would be on the same path.

    1. This was such an honest write up Varsha. Personally I always love to read your blogs. But I agree that social media is two edge sword and many people do such hurtful behavior with nasty comments. Keeping a balance is what works best for me.

  2. What you talked about body positivity is so true. Sometimes it makes me wonder that what people on social media are looking for? Content, pictures showing cleavage and calling it body positivity/body comfort? But I am a firm believer of do what makes you happy. After all its our account and we should be the one deciding what to post. We should not feel under pressure of posting or engaging on content which we feel is out of our comfort or interest zone.

    1. Social media has the capacity to influence. Kids use it a lot. What bothers me is that wrong ideas displayed as body positivity can give them the wrong lesson. Live and learn though, right?

  3. I loved your post, social media has become a necessary evil for bloggers and influencers. However, the way I look at it is, if our posts can lend hope, happiness or a smile to someone’s face then our job is done :). Your posts are very relatable and NO you don’t look like a papad. Infact, I love seeing your posts because you write dil se.

    1. Thank you so much, Mayura! The fact that we can’t log off at will sometimes feels overwhelming. We can always get back after a break. You and I are both on the right path. Yay to us!

  4. I’m not an addict but I do enjoy my time online, however I am a very private person. Not just on social media, in real life too (almost a recluse). I really like Twitter, some people are very supportive and understanding, but sometimes it can be very annoying. It’s very odd the way some people say absurd things to technically a stranger, without knowing anything about them. Even if they’re friends, you just can’t say anything. And I don’t understand why should we have a problem with somebody’s weight loss or any kind of transformational journey? It’s just insecurity, I think. Your posts are very honest. You’re doing great! Stay well.

    1. Your words mean a lot, Tarang! I’m very emotional and get disturbed with such trolls easily. May be that’s why I’ve grown a thicker skin now. Why should I leave because of people who hide behind their screens?

  5. Varsha I love reading your posts, probably because whatever you write you write it with blunt honesty. Your transformation is an inspiration to many including me. Keep writing and keep inspiring.

  6. Someone actually asked you papad banegi kya? Hahahahahhaa like whats wrong with people? I havent gotten negative comments on myself as yet. Guess Im not as famous as you in the blogging world! HAha!

  7. Social media is something plays both roles positive and negative, and yes!! we all get those trolls and comments sometime or other …I am happy you are taking things in positive way

  8. I have a love-hate relationship with social media and the hate comes when I’m not able to filter out the unwanted information and feel dragged into it. Thank you for taking up this topic. I love your writings, Varsha because these are honest & relatable.

  9. I too sometimes want to leave all platforms when the going gets tough.. But it really depends on how we use it.. Finding like minded people and hobbies to indulge in is great.. A lot to learn and people in those circles are actually kind and empathetic…

  10. Kudos to your positive spirit Varsha, SM’s or personal interactions in both way you kept yourself tracked on positivity believing “ignoring is bliss”, well said sometime ignoring the negativity is the best way to move forward.

  11. You are so right with the choice of title for a post like this – Bouquets & brick-bats! Hahah, I had my share too with both but let me tell you something here, such lame brickbats are very important for personal growth. They help us know, if we are doing it right or not, forget about the strangers even the closest of them all go behind our back and lash out.

  12. Social media is indeed a double edged dragger. The unpleasant comments do take a toll. But in the end, we ought to shrug the negative ones before they pull us down. Good that you rise with positivity. Cheers to that,Varsha.

  13. It takes a lot of courage to put your thoughts and yourself out there and be scrutinised .We do love the accolades and sense of belonging but yes , the brickbats and criticism hurt.I am trying to take all of it in my stride .All the Best to you too !

  14. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself and your inner thoughts out there for scrutiny and commenting.Hats off to you for staying true to yourself and facing the brickbats . I believe negative comments are also feedback that can help us grow.

  15. ISocial media has its pros and cons. While it has done a lot of good for so many of us, there are negatives which we need to be mindful of as well.

  16. This is such a thought provoking post. Even though social media is a great way to show your creativity, it often can get intimidating. Following my heart always works for, because that ensures that I am ready for the repercussions of anything I say or do up there.

  17. Everything comes with pros and cons, social media is not an exception. We have to learn to simple accept/ignore its bad parts and take advantage of its good points. I haven’t been on the blogging scene long enough to say with confidence what sort of a reaction I garner but your journey sounds like an inspiration. Kudos to you!

  18. Honestly I love your transformation Varsha and post transformation dedication with which you are following. I feel in social media like life you will meet innumerable people and with different views. You need to prepare yourself for this too. Be headstrong as always.

  19. Everything has bouquets and brickbats will always be there.Its human nature I guess. People just cannot stop airing their opinions. But I have now learnt my lesson and just IGNORE. One has to live one’s life and no one else matters. U have undergone such a huge transformation and that is for yourself not for anyone else so pat yourself on ur back and smile on regardless.

  20. I would say that’s a part of social media where people spill their insecurities by trolling or posting hate comments. Congratulations on your journey towards better health. Don’t let the negatives affect you

  21. Unsparing brickbats can be tolerated for the wonderful bouquets they bring. Wonderful words and exactly my feelings about social media. It has definitely made the world a close knit place.

  22. A very very useful post. I see the world is running on Social media, sadly though and I’d like to admit, the content is the king ONLY and only if the purpose of it is to not demean others or hurt the sentiments. Loved your honesty. I’m all up to support like-minded thoughts.

  23. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated you for writing this, Varsha. And you are so true, body positivity is not equal to nudity. I have been bullied my whole life for being thin (before marriage). Now I am ridiculed for being fat…either way, people will never stop shaming you. Does that mean I am allowed to show up nude? Body positivity is all about how you appreciate your body and soul.

    For blogging also, I never rely on social media. If you create good content and do your SEO, your blog is gonna grow

  24. Loved reading about your love-hate (more love than hate) relationship with social media. My favourite line – “gaining nirvana from negativity” hahah… Being active on social media definitely means growing thicker skin and really appreciating that “kuch toh log kahenge!”

  25. I really relate to this. I’m not a big fan of social media myself but do realise it’s worth and value if you want to be seen and heard. And as a blogger, writer and wannabe author i know i have to be up there – SEEN AMD HEARD all the time.
    As long as we know how and when to switch off and can take the B with the B, i guess it’s fine. 😊

  26. Well Written post Varsha. I agree that in Social media, there are many people spreading negativity through comments and behavior. But I am glad that you have chosen to ignore them and look at the positivity and march ahead!

  27. Yes, the wonderful bouquets are the ones which will keep us going… The brick bats or if I may say criticisms are also essential, but they should be constructive and not demeaning… You carry on your hard work and journey… Be the inspiration you are…

  28. Your honesty, hard work and words from the heart connects us all to you. Yes social media is a blessing when it is used positively. Our entire community bonds through it. How amazing is that:)

  29. I think people who are able to share their triumphs and tribulations on social media are really brave. Like you, I’m an introvert too and the journey sometimes is so personal its hard to share and then have your intentions questioned. So you’re brave for doing this <3

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