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Healthy Spinach cutlets: A rains and food hookup

No matter how old, looking at rains we subconsciously sing Pitter-patter raindrops in our minds (or sometimes out loud), don’t we? The lush green of trees divinely balances out the murky sky that’s painted a dull grey and makes us feel blue. We crave for everything from a long drive to the warmth of a blanket… Read More Healthy Spinach cutlets: A rains and food hookup

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Food post ~ Cheesy Sago Muffins

Remember the scene in the movie Ra.One where Shahrukh Khan eats noodles with yoghurt? The first time I saw it, “What’s wrong with him?” (his character, not SRK) was my instant reaction. Some might call it culinary sin while others might have a good laugh over the idea of pairing our desi dahi with Italian… Read More Food post ~ Cheesy Sago Muffins

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Fusion Food Recipes for inveterate Foodies :-)

Out of the many things I love about Indians, one is our ability to welcome and inculcate different cultures within our setting and colouring them with our ‘Indianness’. As we move a hundred kms, along with the landscape we can see an amazing difference in the language, dressing, culture and food of people of the… Read More Fusion Food Recipes for inveterate Foodies 🙂

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Thank you, wholesome food! #ThankfulThursdays

Every time I see the Snickers commercial, the diva-like tantrums thrown by the cute college boys make me smile. The tagline Hunger acche accho ko badal deta hai has certainly been written intelligently. Hunger entails lot more than craving for food and someone who has felt those pangs can understand that perfectly. Thanking food for… Read More Thank you, wholesome food! #ThankfulThursdays