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Fun and healthy tiffin ideas for kids #Bonhappetee

The lady and I glanced at each other and broke into a knowing laugh. Our “Did you finish your tiffin?” enquiry to our respective kids had received a straight “NO!” for an answer, yet again. As I walked away from her I couldn’t help wondering to myself. Am I not doing enough or should I try something new? I’m a sensible cook after all!

Whether her child is a preschooler or an adolescent, a mother’s biggest challenge is packing the right food for them. A child’s school time is divided between various mental and physical activities. Proper nutrition is crucial for them to have an alert mind and an unending supply of energy for sports and games. The tiffin, hence, is for lot more than filling their tummies.

I’m sharing with you today few tiffin ideas that I turn to occasionally for my kids. Mind you, kids have their moods and temperaments but a mother must do all that she can!

Fresh fruits

Natural sugars are the best and what better way to help kids kick-start their day than a variety of fresh fruits! Cut fruits have a shorter shelf life so it would be wise to give unpeeled fruits if possible or grapes or pomegranate seeds that don’t go bad soon. Ofcourse, you can use airtight tiffin-boxes or zip-lock bags for cut fruits too. Consulting with your kids before packing is advisable though.

Rice preparations

Rice is a favourite amongst most kids. It is also one of the most flexible and fun ingredient to work with. Fried rice, lemon rice, tomato rice, corn rice, veg pulao, coriander rice etc. are some of the easily doable options. Adding loads of veggies to it is easy and with a slight twist you’ll have a whole new recipe. Papad or baked chips can be given as an accompaniment. Variety and taste, rolled into one! 🙂

Multigrain parathas

Multigrain flour has a high fiber and nutritive content than regular wheat flour and can be used daily. (I would suggest getting it made for better results.) Kids who run at the sight of vegetables can be given a helping of them by either stuffing them or adding their puree while kneading the flour. Colourful parathas will surely make them dig in for a bite and not stop at one. Adding sesame or flax seeds to the dough will make the parathas look even better. Pack them with yoghurt, homemade chutneys or pickles.


This is great option for older kids who can eat without supervision as it may get somewhat soggy. Frankies are comfort food and taste best when they’re tangy and spicy. Use your creativity with it and make your kids rave about it to their friends. Tawa fried potatoes, paneer, Chinese vegetable stir fry etc are good stuffing options. It would be a good idea to give sauces separately. Also, please take care to wrap them tightly and pack them close to avoid spilling or shifting.

Fun with Idlis

Idlis are loved by everyone and are easy to make and experiment with. They can be made from rice and rawa too. Their white texture makes them a blank canvas where we can paint out our vivid imagination. Cutting holes in them and making a face with carrots, placing a thin tomato slice on the top or making it look like a sun; sky is the limit! You can also cut idlis in halves or quarters and temper them with curry leaves and urad dal.

Involving your kids in it and taking inputs from them would be fun.

Dry fruit laddus/ Granola bars

Kids have to eat as well as play during the short recess time. It wouldn’t be surprising if they feel tempted to leave their lunch half-eaten to get their batting chance in cricket. For such occasions small power-packed tiffins having homemade dry-fruit laddus or granola bars are perfect. They’re an instant source of energy and will keep them full for long. Dates, walnuts, almonds are some of the nuts you can use. Not to mention, they’re too yummy!


Don’t forget to treat your kids with something indulgent once in a while for being good kids. 🙂 Even if you aren’t an enterprising baker I would suggest learning to bake a simple sponge cake. Kids love nothing more than a homemade cake treat in their tiffin. You can slowly work around with more ingredients and I’m sure you’ll love those smiles on your kids’ faces! 🙂

Hope you liked my tiffin ideas! I’d like to thank Surbhi for introducing me on her blog

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I’ll now introduce you to Zainab of who shares tips for a healthy and fit life.

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36 thoughts on “Fun and healthy tiffin ideas for kids #Bonhappetee

  1. I love your tips and ideas, Varsha. The Ladoos get my vote too, as homemade ones are nutritious and we know exactly what we put into them.
    That cake has me salivating!

  2. Lovely tiffin ideas, and they so resonate with me, Varsha. I too believe in giving homemade foods to my daughter in her snack box. I love the idea of granola bars – I haven’t tried them. If you have a good recipe, do share.

  3. I absilutely loved your dry fruit ladoos and granula bars idea. They are on my next to do list in my kitchen. We are already high on paranthas and frankies. Enjoyed reading your ideas.

  4. Hi Varsh,

    Great post with some excellent suggestions. Kids get bored very quickly so it is important to keep innovating and serve them different kinds of tiffin to keep them interested.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely post. Have a great weekend. ?

  5. I try many of these too. The only issue I have is with fresh fruits. Other than watermelon and banana, the tiffin comes back as it is untouched ?

    1. Ah, you can may be try fruit pancakes then? Apple, chikoo, custard apple, mango, etc are great options for it. Can be tricky to slip in but worth a try, yes? 🙂

    1. Dhoklas are my all-time favourite too, Meens! The laddoos thankfully are a great replacement for cookies and biscuits which my daughter insists on eating.
      It’s a Mango cake garnished with chocolate chips and mango slices. It is yummy indeed!

  6. My wife makes what she calls Multi-grained dosas. My daughter simply loves it but I can’t say the same for myself. I prefer the plain or masala Dosa with chutney and the other things that go along with it. Multigrain paranthas definitely sounds very exciting.

    1. I see what you mean, Jai. Our palate sometimes refuses to accept new flavours and with multigrain dosas/parathas one runs the risk of ‘shocking’ the tastebuds of atleast one person in the family! Enjoy eating what you like. I’m sure your wife is one happy mother to have a daughter who eats her healthy food. 🙂

  7. Varsha ..your recipes are yummy and healthy too. I can see how much you try to bring health factor in all your meals. These are all great tiffin ideas for kids. Healthy desserts are a good option.

  8. I fully agree with what you have to say about packing the kids’ lunch boxes, Varsha. It IS a big deal if you have to be mindful about making sure that whatever your kids are eating, it should be right though not in sumptuous quantities.

    I too follow the same thought while packing my daughter’s tiffin.

    Rice varieties, fermented rice, healthy Idli variations & multi grain & multiveggie paranthas are quite a scene here at home.

    And oh, I’m just drooling over your laddoos! Can you please send some to me?

    You’re doing such a fab job, dear.

  9. i actually ideally wouldn’t consider desserts since as a family we are trying to reduce our sugar content totally. but you are right, a piece of home baked basic sponge can do wonders,

  10. Really like your dry fruit, granola ladoo recipe. I add a bit of bajra atta to it. Children love something different in their tiffins every day and enjoy sharing with friends.

  11. Idlis with tomatoes and other vegetables look cool and fun. Multigrain and stuffed parathas are loved by sonny boy and that’s goes in his tiffin the most. Frankies and various rice preparations are great tiffin ideas.

  12. All the recipes are so yummy. My daughter loves frankies or rolls a lot and that is the way I nake her eat her veggies with a twist.

  13. The idli looks interesting for sure. Thanks for sharing wonderful healthy tiffin recipes. Always struggle to find new ideas.

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