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My Life Around Books #StoryTellersBlogHop

“Chetan Bhagat ka book ekdum superhit hai Sir! Aur bhi hain, dekhoge?” I urged to the suited man before he disinterestedly rolled up his car window and sped off. I chided myself for deserting my father’s book stall and following the usual herd to the traffic signal in hope of some quick sale. He would… Read More My Life Around Books #StoryTellersBlogHop

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4 things I do to ensure my child is emotionally happy

We’re assuming the role of our kids’ friends, teachers, playmates and even their punching bag everyday! We adults are justifiably going through turmoil emotionally but our kids have the short end of the stick. They’re holed up at home, bubbling with energy and confused with our jumbled instructions. How can we make them emotionally happy?… Read More 4 things I do to ensure my child is emotionally happy

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E is for Energy Bars #BlogchatterA2Z

Up until few years ago the only chocolates I knew of had, well, chocolate. It could be crunchy, have almonds or other nuts or flavours like mint and orange, but chocolate it essentially was. We could associate only the lovely brown colour with sweets that came packed in colourful shiny wrapping paper. Imagine the rude… Read More E is for Energy Bars #BlogchatterA2Z

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A is for Achar #BlogchatterA2Z

Food is incomplete without its accompaniments, much like a shirt is without its buttons. The main dish might hog all the attention and get an enviable place in the menu but without the free pickle served alongside our meal is only partially perfect. Wait, did I say pickle? I prefer and am going to call… Read More A is for Achar #BlogchatterA2Z

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Fun and healthy tiffin ideas for kids #Bonhappetee

The lady and I glanced at each other and broke into a knowing laugh. Our “Did you finish your tiffin?” enquiry to our respective kids had received a straight “NO!” for an answer, yet again. As I walked away from her I couldn’t help wondering to myself. Am I not doing enough or should I try… Read More Fun and healthy tiffin ideas for kids #Bonhappetee

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A lesson for children: Republic Day & the Constitution of India

I’m a proud Indian. The fact that I’m born and brought up in a democracy which treats all its citizens equally, gives them the right to vote and select their representatives is no less than an honour for me. Our Constitution confers upon us many rights and freedoms which come to us as a birthright… Read More A lesson for children: Republic Day & the Constitution of India