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My fab makeup products haul from Faces Canada

Life is a teacher and we’re its lifelong students. It humbles, surprises, and excites us in more ways than we can imagine. I started writing with parenting, dabbled with fiction, created my niche in health and fitness, and shared my passion for cooking through my recipes with everyone. Finding my calling through my blog was one of the best things that happened to me and being in the public eye inspired me to present myself better. It’s curious how the once tomboyish girl now has an ever-expanding collection of lovely makeup products and has taught herself how to use them too. What’s more, I’m discovering and trying new brands every time and Faces Canada happens to be my favourite of late.

Shopping for makeup products is one of the most fun things to do for any girl/woman. From virtually shopping with my girlfriends by sending swatches, and pictures, and making video calls to visiting stores with them and behaving like giggly teenagers, I’ve done it all. Online shopping, with its amazing offers and swift delivery, is fast becoming a preferred option though. To play safe I choose to go with tried-and-tested brands or raving recommendations only. My recent shopping haul with Faces Canada was an exciting one and I’m happy to share it with my readers today.

My fab makeup products haul from Faces Canada_avibrantpalette

Weightless Matte Finish Compact ~ Beige 03

The compact is the best way to set your makeup and give it a good finish. It is one of the must-have makeup products for any vanity. You don’t need finesse to use one and it’s easy to carry and touch up. I’m guilty of skipping layering and applying compact directly on my moisturized face when I’m feeling lazy or running short of time. After using many different brands this weightless formula from Faces Canada is my best pick. The shades compliment Indian skin tones beautifully so you can choose the one that suits you. Unless you’re sweating profusely it easily stays for a few hours.

Ultime Pro Face Palette ~ 3 in 1: Highlighter/Bronzer/Blush

The Ultime Pro Face Palette is by far one of the best makeup products I’ve invested in. You can contour, highlight, and look radiant with just one product and are ready to go in no time. Three products rolled into one make it convenient and compact for use. The best part is that the shades are perfect and work well for casual as well as party looks. The product carries precise application directions so even without a practiced hand you can create magic. Do yourself a favour and get yours, today.

Weightless Crème Finish Lipstick ~ Love Nude 09

Lipsticks complete your look and take it to another level so it is crucial that you choose one that compliments your skin tone. I prefer matte and crème finish over glossy one and this shade seemed like a good choice. It is darker than the other nudes one normally finds, has good coverage, and feels weightless and creamy. Ingredients like shea butter, jojoba, and almond oil impart a lovely mild aroma to it while keeping the lips smooth and supple. Also, it is Vitamin-E enriched. Enough reasons to go for it, yes?

Ultime Pro HD Intense Matte Lips + Primer ~ Boysenberry 30

Another lipstick from my haul, and it indeed is a dream to apply. The Ultime Pro HD Intense Matte lips + primer is creamy, high coverage, high absorbing, stays for long, and is cruelty and preservative-free. The shade is not best suited for my complexion though. I plan to use it for a no-makeup look or blend it with another shade and create a new one. If you like you can apply lip balm over it to offset the matte finish.

Ultime Pro Splash Nail Enamels ~ Viola 41, Coral Island 62, Sunny Side Up 51, Purple Rain 19, and All That Glitters 22

A girl can never wear too many nail colours and if someone tells you otherwise, feel sorry for them. Faces Canada has a huge collection of beautiful nail enamels in Pro Splash, Luxe, Gel lustre, Matte, etc. I was spoilt for choice and it’s a real wonder that I stopped at 5! To be honest, I did buy a few from other brands before these. Go berserk and wear the whackiest shades possible for a summer getaway with your friends. Splash it up!

Faces Canada provides you with multiple excuses to shop more with every purchase. By the time I was done, it had added makeup products like high-quality brushes and a lovely jewellery box as free gifts to my cart. What more can a girl want, right? I’m definitely checking this site out while shopping in the future too. Have you tried any Faces Canada products? How was your experience with them? Please do share with me.

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31 thoughts on “My fab makeup products haul from Faces Canada

  1. I clearly remember the tomboy, Varsha <3. You have developed so beautifully, Varsha. Pat your own back and wear all the beauty products that suit you desire. I always believe that even though i am for women empowerment, I do not like how girls these days forget their feminity and behave like the boys.

  2. I liked the 3 in 1 Pro Face palette. I don’t like bold shades when it comes to eye shadow and blush. this palette is perfect for my color preferences. I have never shopped through Faces Canada. I will note down this name and will check it out while I am in India. .

  3. I did not heard about the brand Faces Canada before but after reading your products felt that they had great collection of amazing make up products. will surly explore this from my side to know more. thanks for introducing this great brand to us.

  4. I just loved the nail paint colors dear, so different so vibrant. I am bit choose when it comes to nail paint as I always want it to be the one which with a single stroke can make my fingers shine and look royal. I think I should try the nail paints of Faces Canada

  5. Faces Canada is a new brand for me but these products look really good especially the nail paints. I am quite bad when it comes to make up and my knowledge regarding makeup products is almost zero but I really want to learn the tricks.

  6. Wow this is some great haul from there. Sadly, this website does not deliver to my area. Maybe I shall try getting it delivered to a friend and then collecting it from her.

  7. have not heard about Faces Canada. But they seem to have a great collection of makeup products. I’m particularly impressed by the HD Intense Matte Lipsticks and the Ultime Pro HD Intense Drama Eyeliner. Can’t wait to try them out myself! Thanks for sharing your wonderful beauty finds.

  8. Faces Canda always bring variety to the makeup bag. I like that you have very smartly selected items from the haul.

  9. I have used the brand Faces Canada products a lot during my unmarried days like lipstick, foundation, and nail paints. I found it’s compact the best. It’s reasonable and too effective. love the blog written by you.

  10. I love their products too. Their eyeshadows and lip sticks are so good. I like the nail paints you got from Faces Canada. Beautifl vibrant shades. I have the same yellow one.

  11. I have recently started using the lip products of Faces Canada and I find them of superlative quality plus the prices are reasonable. Your post eggs me on to try their other beauty care products. Love their nail paint colours. They’re stunning and need to be a part of every woman’s vanity. 🙂

  12. I was unfamiliar with the brand Faces Canada. However, after reading your post, I realized they have an impressive collection of makeup products. I am definitely interested in exploring this brand here in the Gulf region. Thank you for introducing us to this amazibg brand. I absolutely adore the color of the nail polish you mentioned.

  13. The colors look very vibrant. The yellow one is sure difficult to carry. I would have shared this with my daughter but I see it has almond oil.

  14. Wowwwww!!! such a happy haul Varsha! Firstly I am curious to see pics of you now… the tomboy turning into a makeup pro😉… reminds me of the kuch kuch hota hai Kajol😊. I recently bought one nail paint from faces Canada but I didn’t know what kind of a brand it is… I just wanted the colour n they had it. After reading your review I guess it’s safe to try out other products… not that I buy that much makeup… still!
    Thanks for your visual treat of the tempting products.

  15. I have always loved Faces Canada for its affordable but quality products specially the Ultime Pro HD Intense Matte Lipsticks. I quickly jotted down products that I loved from your list for future shopping :)) Thanks for sharing, Varsha !

  16. Ohhh….another make-up line that looks promising. As long as products are quality-made, I don’t mind using them no matter what the price range are. I’m a firm believer that things doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive for things to be a good one. Sometimes, you get lucky and get things cheap but still get the quality you want.

  17. Faces Canada is a great brand for cosmetics they have a huge variety and it doesn’t hurt the pocket also much. I love their collection of nail paints too.

  18. I have used many Faces Canada products and I especially love their nail polishes. Your haul is wow! I never get tired of lipsticks and I believe there is nothing called too many lipsticks 🙂 Thanks for the recommendations. I will check them out.

  19. I am not big on make up. But I do wear khol & lipstick whenever I step out. Have tried the khol from Faces Canada & was very impressed with the color and how long it stayed. Will try the lipstick too based on your review.

  20. Your Post looks colourful, vibrant and appealing to me. I am a non makeup friendly kind a person. I use minimum makeup products and look for shortcuts in the same. I can use your tips from here to save my time and look good with less products.

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