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The Blue Roof #WoWe

Nilesh cuddled with his grandfather and looked out the tiny window of the attic. His recent fixation, the mountain peak, looked distant from their blue roofed home.

He listened with rapt attention as the septuagenarian shared anecdotes of hitchhiking there as a kid on his father’s shoulders. The pride of the countless trips that followed on foot, with friends and alone, was evident in his tone. Will I get there, Nilesh wondered.

Sitting on the same peak today, a mix of emotions surged through him. It had been sixteen years since the brutal storm had turned their beach town and lives upside down. Lots of people had succumbed to nature’s fury or, including his family, fled the town to escape it.

Home is where the heart is though. After painstakingly labouring for last five years, they had breathed life back into the rubble. The beautiful landscape smiled back at Nilesh just as he had always imagined. The blue roof of his home reminded him of the conversation with his grandfather.

“Come Grandpa, I’ve some stories for you.” Nilesh said out loud as he felt his presence. The memories of our loved ones are woven into our very existence, aren’t they?  

Written for the #WoWe prompt hosted by Mayuri and Rashi

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25 thoughts on “The Blue Roof #WoWe

  1. Aww… this is adorable, Varsha. The last line? So heart warming.-The memories of our loved ones are woven into our very existence. So true. Memories keep us connected with our loves ones and the beautiful time we spent together. Such a beautiful take, Varsha. 🙂

  2. Very nice attempt Varsha! Seriously grandparents are the treasures for kids and their company always carry that warmth and love for their grandchildren.

  3. I loved each word of the 200 words. So poignant and emotional. It ia true memories are a reminder of our existence

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