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Renewed Self-love and other perks #MyFriendAlexa

In a world where exhausting our entire reservoir of love on others and their happiness is glorified, self-love is nauseatingly underrated. How many of us insist on setting aside dedicated hours in a day or week exclusively for our consumption? The things we do for ourselves are to be felt, experienced and treasured, every single day. Why wait for someone else to make us feel loved and special? Go ahead and celebrate yourself!

If you want to know what self-love is about, closely observe kids. My daughter will be 6 soon and the way she loves herself is refreshingly adorable. I love stealing a glance at her standing in front of the mirror and gazing at her image indulgently. Hands on hips, she flutters her eyelids sweetly while running her tiny fingers through her silky straight hair. When did I do this last and what happened to my self-love, I often wondered.

Thanks to my transformation journey, I got introduced to a new and better version of myself: Varsh Version 2.0! Although I set on it with good health and better fitness in mind, this renewed self-love was a happy side-effect. Let me share some other perks I’m enjoying that I hadn’t bargained for.


  • Reverse Ageing – These two pictures have been taken two decades apart. For the longest time I hid the photograph on the left in my college album, too embarrassed to acknowledge my not-too-flattering existence. I was loved, made good grades and was easy to get along with. Yet, the dreamy teenager in me felt hopelessly trapped. My sincere self-acceptance finally encouraged me to share it with my readers. For every girl or woman out there who thinks ‘ab wo time gaya’, here’s your proof. You can turn time around, at least give it a try!
  • Owning myself in every way – Although the cute chubby girl was blessed with the sweetest friends and family, deep down her weight nagged and punished her. Do I feel better now that I’ve done what I intended to with myself? Physically yes, mentally just a tad. I wish I could go back in time, hug her tight and tell her that she’s doing great. When we give others the agency to judge us we’re doing the biggest disservice to ourselves. It is ironic that with every kg I lost I developed a thicker skin. More than appearance, it is self-love, respect and the confidence to live with our head held high that matter more.


  • Say Hi to good skin! – I’m heavily tanned in my old picture, thanks to treating sun block with naïve disdain. Age has, however, brought some semblance of sense in me. I’ve never had clearer skin before without being aided by regular parlour visits that burnt a hole in my Mom’s expensive purse. Eating healthy, snacking on fruits and dry-fruits and less oily food with a regular exercise plan have had an amazing effect on my skin though. It also helps that I apply makeup sparsely. A simple routine is enough when your skin is naturally healthy. Same goes for hair as well.
  • Deck up pretty! – Apart from white shirt and blue jeans, our college uniform, I’ve mostly worn loose-fitting salwar suits. My tailor, possibly in anticipation, stitched them at least 2 inches wider than my frame. My conservative wardrobe, deservingly, had the first big overhaul after I shifted to Mumbai post-marriage. The second one started a couple of years ago and hasn’t stopped since! Right from skinny jeans and skirts to short one pieces and frame-fitted tees, my collection is getting wider and better. Women, self-love and shopping are an awesome combination, I tell you. So go ahead and drape yourself in the outfit of your dreams, ladies!

The New Me_avibrantpalette

Despite the many flaws I have, self-love has finally found me. Who would appreciate the beauty and sweetness of a rose without the sting of its thorns, right? Just like Geet in Jab We Met, ‘main apni favourite hoon’ and so should you be. The biggest responsibility we have is one towards ourselves. If we don’t, why and who else will?

I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa.

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27 thoughts on “Renewed Self-love and other perks #MyFriendAlexa

  1. Self discovery always takes time and is in hindsight.
    One has to ‘be there and done that’ before self acceptance can come about.
    You’ve done it amazingly well.
    Love both yous – before and after.

      1. Wow indeed your journey is really inspirational. Thanks a lot for always sharing such a positive vibes through your post. I agree it is very important to have a feeling of self love to feel good about ourselves.

  2. Self love is important and kudos to you for having undergone this transformation ! But I would like to add a few points here. Sometimes females actually go to great lengths like skipping meals for days just to achieve that lean ! Lean doesn’t mean healthy ..even a broader frame can be healthy…. You should be fit and active. You should exercise to increase your strength and endurance. You should eat healthy and this should be a lifestyle change. And still at times due to certain illness / medication or due to your body type you might not have that figure. Key is to accept and love yourself the way you are.

  3. Self love, self-worth should always come first. We tend to feel embarrassed with out looks or our personality. By being little polite towards ourselves and taking steps towards becoming a better version of ourselves start from loving our selves.

  4. self discovery takes time.. and its wonderful to see the massive transformation .. glad you shared this, I am sure many like me are inspired ..

  5. Varsha, every line of this post is so motivating, and as you said, atleast give it a try! Well perseverance, will power and the right intent makes such transformations successful!

  6. This is such an inspiration for many of us out there, I agree it is indeed important to love ourselves first and I can clearly see your determination in this transformation. Loved it.

  7. Self Love is the most important, and simply, sometimes (mostly?!) the hardest to understand and embrace! I love this series and that you focus on different elements in each.
    I am amazed at the picture- indeed, I needed to see that picture (absolutely wow picture, btw, BOTH of them 🙂 ) to affirm to myself that I too can do this.

  8. OMG seeing your before and after photo is an inspiring revelation. Ye renewed self love truly makes you age ulta and one is more at peace with self. I believe being overweight gives rise to many medical ailments too

  9. I just feel like coming over and giving a good hug Varsha. for me it is the reverse. I was measly thin.38 kgs when I married. After my kids and post natal depression I was put on steroids and I put on so much weight. Been on steroids for 25 years! Just this year mustered the courage to stop totally. Lets see if I can come anywhere close to you. <3

  10. Why wait for someone else to make us feel loved and special? This! Self love is the key but not many understand the importance. Your transformation is amazing, Varsha, good that you found your calling.

  11. Your journey of transportation has been beautiful and you have shared it with us and motivated…. indeed self love and care comes above all coz if the woman of the house is happy, the entire family is happy.

  12. Self love is extremely important and it starts from childhood as you have noticed with your daughter. As parents I think it is very important that we start instilling this self love in our kids first and foremost. And to do that is important to show the path by loving ourselves.

  13. I completely agree Varsha. Self-discovery is a continuous process and loving and caring one’s own self is as important as loving and caring for your loved ones, in fact the former is more important to draw positive energy to extend love and care to dear ones.

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