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Healthy Oats Idli with Sprouts and Rava

Breakfast and evening snacks are two of the most underrated meals of the day. A nutritious and fulfilling breakfast keeps your spirits and energy levels up for the entire day and must be prepared fresh and consumed warm. Evening snacks unless planned beforehand can make one veer towards junk foods like chips, cookies, sandwiches, noodles, etc. which obviously is an unhealthy choice. If you insist your family eat healthy home-cooked food like me, you’re probably always on the hunt for good recipes too. This healthy Oats Idli is a wonderful twist to traditional idlis and is a favourite of ours. I’m sure you’ll be tempted to try this simple recipe.

Healthy Oats Idli with Sprouts and Rava

healthy oats idli with sprouts and rava_avibrantpalette

For Oats Idlis:

Rolled oats – 1 cup

Sprouts (mixed, or any sprouts of your choice) – ½ cup

Rava (Semolina) – ½ cup

Dahi (Yoghurt) – ½ cup

Sambar masala – 1 tbsp

Green chillies – 3-4 nos

Baking soda or Eno – 1 tsp

Salt to taste

Water, if required

Oil for greasing
For Coconut Chutney:

Grated coconut – ½ cup

Chana Daliya – ¼ cup

Dahi – 1 tbsp

Coriander – ½ cup

Green chillies – 2-3 nos

Ginger – ½ inch

Cumin seeds – 1 tsp

Salt to taste

Water, if required
For garnish:

Red chilli powder

For Oats Idli:

1. Take rolled oats in a bowl and soak them in water, covering them entirely. Keep them aside for half an hour and then blend them into a thick paste. Don’t add additional water.

2. Blend sprouts and green chillies in the same jar and add them to the oats paste.

3. Add rava, dahi and salt to this mixture. Cover and set it aside for an hour. Your basic oats idli batter is ready.

4. Place the idli maker on the stove with water up to an inch, cover and bring it to a boil. Meanwhile, grease the idli plates with oil.

5. Add the sambar masala and baking soda/Eno to the batter just before pouring it into the idli mould. Make sure that the batter is light and fluffy to get perfect round and spongy idlis.

6. Keep the idli plates in the idli maker and steam the idlis for 10-15 minutes or till they leave the sides of the moulds easily.

7. Your Healthy Oats Idli with Sprouts and Rava is ready!

For Coconut Chutney:

Take all ingredients in a jar and blend them well together. Your coconut chutney is ready. You can temper it with a crisp tadka of mustard, cumin and sesame seeds and curry leaves.

Serve your Oats Idli on a banana leaf or a green banana leaf printed plate (like me). Garnish with coconut chutney and sprinkle just a pinch of red chilli powder over it to add a dash of colour.

I’m not an oats fan myself but can have 3-4 of these idlis easily. You can add your own variations to this oats idli recipe by adding vegetables like grated carrot, chopped onions or capsicum. Keep it simple though! 🙂

Hope you liked the recipe. Do you have any special breakfast recipe? How do you include oats in your diet? Do share with me.

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18 thoughts on “Healthy Oats Idli with Sprouts and Rava

  1. wow Varsha. I am always in lookout for oats recipes. Thanks for this. Idli is my all time favorite dish. The picture looks stunning. Let me try it for dinner today.

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    Very nice recipe would love to try it for sure

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