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Girls who just have fun

Paan Masala icecream, Fresh lime soda and Mango kulfi

Some people run into us in the most unlikeliest of places, but what sets them apart is the cutely weird things that we find amusingly in common with them and we connect with them instantly. These women girls are two such crazy and fun creatures. ❤❤

We went to the same gym, at one time. One of them attended the power yoga class with me while the other one sweated it out on treadmills and other fancy gym equipment. Aged almost a decade apart there was nothing much we could relate with one another, except ofcourse the infectious madness! 😀

While extensively debating on working out to Beyonce and other hip beats as opposed to Hindi movie songs and cracking inappropriate and pointed jokes (for twisted minds like us) on stretching during yoga, we became chums. Not to mention the badgering we got from our trainer for laughing away and not paying attention to her. 😛

It has been a while since. The gym isn’t getting rocked by our presence anymore, but we, the incorrigible ones, have managed to keep in touch with each other on and off.

All it needs is a ping on Whatsapp, some quick planning, some restaurant picking (which takes the longest), and there we are meeting up and within moments turning into silly giggly teenagers with complete disregard to our ages, marital status or family problems.

While one complains she will die of hunger, the other one leisurely takes food pictures. While one tries to be elegant, the other one showers her with colourful language. Our worlds are completely different. And yes, the best part is that we don’t judge each other in any case.

Then there are pictures, and so many of them! Posing like this…standing like that…clicking from the right angle…looking in the proper direction…selfies….!! It is almost as if we are trying to realise some unfulfilled modelling dream. 😛 😀

What else, oh, the shopping! Which woman girl becomes friends with another one without raiding a few stores, trying few outfits she doesn’t want to buy but wear anyway or approve or disapprove of each other’s tastes? Female bonding is simple and easy, see? 🙂 🙂

Don’t tell me I’m prejudiced here. I know! 😀

11 thoughts on “Girls who just have fun

  1. Need to have girl gangs any girl should.. just out of the world mind blowing 😀 call me next time, I’ll join the fun.. and you wont even know I wasn’t working out in your gym.. and will think was she? 😛

    1. Yes yes….do join us…will let you know. All of us hog like anything…haha….:-P ????
      Just one of us goes to the gym now…and terribly misses us there 😀 so gymming or not doesn’t matter. 🙂
      I think this is the first time I’m part of a gang like this…its super fun!!

      1. oh it is super fun, it is a stress buster, I can’t tell you how good it is to have a girls only gang .. 😀 we have our school, college, and then the other mini gangs.. so ya

        1. I’m not in touch with old friends and most of them are far away…and in college…well…I was in an all-guy class so didn’t get much girl time, sadly. It is only now that I’m finding out the fun in these things…

  2. Haha, there’s nothing like girls day out. Can relate with the window shopping and trying outfits…of course we never bought them. We just took plenty of selfies together. The best times aren’t they? ????????

    1. Yes yes they are! For window shopping we need girls with us…who can be vain and helpful at once. 🙂

      I was once horrified when this girl took selfies in a store. I was half-expecting to be shunned out. 😛

    1. The bonding part…yes..over something as simple as liking for good food. It is fun. Thanks Rekha…come down…we will have fun together! 🙂 🙂

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