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School days with siblings

Even as I stood at the school gate to receive her, I knew Angel was sobbing. This was new and strange because whenever I drop her, once inside, she doesn’t even turn to bid goodbye to me *wipes a lone tear with my pallu t-shirt*. My over-imaginative mind went into overdrive concocting various scenarios my poor girl must’ve gone through.

Did she have a fight with someone?

Was she scolded for playing some mischief?

Did she fall somewhere and hurt herself?

The truth, as I found out, couldn’t be farther away!

You see, A Jr and Angel go to the same school now. He’s in Std V while she’s in Nursery. At home they’re practically Tom and Jerry; making each other’s life miserable, getting in each other’s way all the time and never leaving the other one alone. School is a different turf though where the elder brother gets protective and possessive about his baby sister and makes sure she knows he’s around for her! 🙂

With no prodding from me whatsoever, A Jr had been finishing his lunchbox early and paying Angel a quick visit in her class for last 2-3 days. In his words, she blushed and smiled at him dearly telling her friend that he’s her Bhaiya. She behaved extremely well in class and he restrained himself from going and hugging her at once for it. 😀

Anyway, Angel got homesick after seeing him and refused to sit in her class the previous day. She wept inconsolably after he left and insisted she wants to go to him. Her teacher informed A Jr about it, asking him to visit her only occasionally, not everyday. Today, as instructed, he hadn’t gone to see her which had resulted in this teary-eyed situation.

I had to strain all my facial muscles to not burst into laughter. I hope I’m not cruel. Wasn’t this cute? I was instantly reminded of the time I had lunch with my younger brother in school. Fortunately, he was fine to see me go after the bell rang. On the other hand, A’s younger brother ran away from his class and joined a much embarrassed A every other day in his. That led to some good amount of nudging and sulking, the stories of which I’ve enjoyed hearing over the years. 🙂

Angel’s face bore a smile only after A Jr mock-cried and whined about how much his teacher made him write. He lovingly took her in his arms and assured that he’ll come meet her whenever he can. She readily and happily agreed, just like that!

Their sweet PDA was the best thing I could ask for, even if I was a mere spectator. Isn’t this why I wanted A Jr to have a sibling in the first place?

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29 thoughts on “School days with siblings

  1. Oh, this is adorable. Totally reminds me of me and my brother. And today, nearly 20 years later, we’re still like that 🙂 Best buddies 😉

    Hope they both will be too. Nothing better than having a best friend in your sibling!

    1. That is so precious, isn’t it? Siblings as best buddies is an awesome combination!
      Me and my brother fought like crazy when we were kids but now we’re each other’s sounding board for everything. I hope my kids too remain in each other’s hearts and lives like this, always. 🙂
      How’ve you been? Long time!

      1. Totally. My bro and I never fought. Since we had working parents, he was told to always take care of his lil sister. He took that real seriously, and wouldn’t even let my parents scold me ? To his credit, he sstill doesn’t ???

        I have been very well. Howwayu?

  2. This is so amazing to see how the siblings love each other. Though they may fight at home but go outside and they are inseparable. Reminded me of my childhood days when my over protective elder brother did something similar

  3. Awwwwwww! That was soooooo cute! And so warm! Having siblings is the best thing… Although I couldn’t be with my brother all my childhood and only got to meet him regularly after 13-14 years of age… But I love the sibling love!

  4. Awww…that so adorable! Let the bond get stronger day by day between Tom and Jerry! Want to hear more about such anecdotes from you Varsh!!

  5. Awwwwww bless…

    The good old school days.. reminds me of exactly same ..

    Precious memories and heres to the littke ones in making more of these beautiful memories.. god bless..

  6. A very deep question posed in the end for moms like me who are confused to birth 2nd child. Their love is so innocent and beautiful. Made me feel so happy

  7. School time was a precious time with golden memories. Going school with siblings was another wonderful experience.

  8. awww so cute. i think when we direct them in the right way, they become like this, close and lovable. otherwise they just want to tear each other apart. i also admire when my little son behaves protective of his older sister. its so funny but cute.

  9. haha.. I had a similar experience with my kiddo’s when they started school together. It is such moments that make you realize their love for each other.

  10. This post reminded me of the school days of my brother and mine. And now I am experiencing this with my kids too. They both are Tom and Jerry,can fight a whole day but no one can separate them.

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