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Y is for Yoghurt #BlogchatterA2Z

“You gave him more than me!” Angel grumbles every time I serve yoghurt to both of them. Almost immediately, A Jr registers his protest by reminding her of ‘that one time’ when she polished it off without him. Their bickering over something so commonplace in our home seemed cute earlier but is now beyond annoying. How can anyone fight over a bowl of yoghurt really? Isn’t it odd? 🙁

Yoghurt is a dairy product and a wonderful super food. It is rich in important nutrients like calcium, vitamin B12, phosphorous, manganese etc. It is also high in protein content and it known for its digestive properties. The probiotics in yoghurt help in promoting gut health and improve the immune system. It is good for heart health and is an excellent option for weight-watchers for their low-calorie high-nutrient intake.

Yoghurt isn’t the name or concept we grew up with though. For us it was always curd or dahi as we call it. I watched with rapt attention when Mom added a spoonful of curd to warm milk at night and it miraculously turned into dahi the next morning. Our kitchens are no less than practical lessons in science, alright. This simple but interesting chore was soon assigned to me and I loved doing my part.

Yoghurt is different from curd in its making process, although both use lactic acid for the process of fermentation. In this case milk is fermented using bacteria known as ‘yoghurt cultures’. Yoghurt tastes different from milk and has a different consistency. While curd can be made at home, yoghurt has a more standardised process and is mostly bought from stores.

A great variety of flavoured and fat/non-fat yoghurts are now available to cater to our likes and preferences. Not only are they a healthy option over junk food, they are great for the ones with a sweet tooth too. You can pick them off the shelf or have them freshly made for you at any of the classy frozen yoghurt outlets. Have them at home with loads of fresh fruits or crackers and your meal is set. It’s amazing just how creative one can get with it!

I love both of them although if pressed I would give preference to curd any day. You can use curd in plenty of different ways; lassi, buttermilk, as base for gravies, for marination, etc. In summers it is one of the best natural ways to keep our body heat and temperature normal. Including it in our daily diet is a great way to ensure a good part of our nutrient intake everyday. Kids love it too.

What is your yoghurt story? Are you a yoghurt or dahi person? Would like to know.

This post is written for #BlogchatterA2Z and #AtoZChallenge for April 2019

3 thoughts on “Y is for Yoghurt #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. दह्याचे processed रूप म्हणजे yogurt. दह्या शिवाय भारतीय जेवनास पूर्णत्व नाहीच. ताक, मठ्ठा, कडी, चटणी, लस्सी किंवा कोशिंबीर याशिवाय जेवण शक्य तरी आहे का?

  2. Ah, my favourite food! I must have yoghurt with my meals, especially in the summers. In fact, reading your post made me long to get to the fridge and grab some 😀

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