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5 Helpful Tips for a Healthy Skin

Wheatish, fair or dark, we don’t have control over the skin colour we’re born with. It is neither a badge of honour nor a reason to beat ourselves up. This way or that, we’re all beautiful and special in our own way. What matters though is how well we take care of our skin and allow its natural glow to help us shine.

Homemade orange, milk and besan, yoghurt, honey or masoor dal powder packs are preservative-free and natural ways to nourish our skin. They can be used daily and have amazing results. However, self-care isn’t limited to the efforts we employ from outside. It is for a reason that we say ‘Beauty is skin deep’!

5 Helpful Tips for a Healthy Skin_AVibrantPalette

Remember these simple do’s and don’ts and help your inner beauty come out in no time.


Even if you have an oily skin, do not skip this important step. You can choose a mild moisturizer and decide between a cream and lotion.

Look for right ingredients

Take a moment to go through the ingredient list of products that you’re going to use. Alcohol-based skincare products can cause dehydration and may also lead to irritation. Select wisely.

Eat healthy, please!

I’ve made this point endless times in my posts till now. Eating healthy is important for overall good health. Foods high in sugar and saturated fats can lead to skin problems like acne. Do yourself a favour and cut down on junk food.

Always remove make-up

Makeup clogs your pores and suffocates your skin. It may also make wrinkles more conspicuous. Don’t forget to remove makeup before going to sleep so your pores are unclogged and can breathe.

Go natural

Cold pressed oils with their wonderful natural properties can have amazing benefits. Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil, loaded with nutrients like vitamins, iron, copper and zinc, penetrates deep into the skin and makes it supple and youthful. Moringa oleifera is its key ingredient and is extracted in 100% pure and cold-pressed form.


Why use Nature Sure Pores and Marks Oil?

Moisturises, hydrates and deep cleanses

It unclogs and fills enlarged skin pores

Maintains skin elasticity and smoothness by preventing loss of elastin

Helps fight wrinkles and signs of ageing

Protects you from harmful UV rays by acting as a natural sunscreen

Helps control acne, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis

Can be used as an antiseptic for minor cuts, rashes or bruises

A natural glow is a sign of a well cared for and healthy body. Homemade or otherwise, use products that nourish and make you feel and look beautiful inside-out.

21 thoughts on “5 Helpful Tips for a Healthy Skin

  1. These are some really amazing pointers. I have been meaning to switch to products with natural ingredients too and that are alcohol free completely. Hopefully soon I will be able to see the results 🙂

  2. Beauty is definitely skin deep. We need to internalize it by eating healthy and keeping hydrated. Moreover also use natural products like you mention in your post.

  3. I always use home made scrub or gel for skin care routine. I hardy use any store bought cream other than regular moisturizer and sunscreen. My sister is in India and I will let her know about this.

  4. i so agree with you, Varsha. Good skin takes some work, unless one is lucky enough to be born with it. I second your point of eating right, as what we eat shows up on our faces. I have enlarged skin pores, and i will be trying the Pores & Marks Oil based on your recco.

  5. Loved your ending. It’s no use being beautiful outside of you are not on the inside. Never used this product before though.

  6. Very well said. Colour of the skin doesn’t matter and the health of the skin does. Keeping hydrated this is very important. Eating healthy and follow the following tips are useful to reduce skin problems.

  7. These are great tips for maintaining healthy beautiful skin.I will try the Pores & Mark’s oil since you recommended it .The summers bring out the open pore problem for me .

  8. Investing in skincare at the right time means a lot, you have pointed out to all the most important things and steps to take for soft, supple and healthy looking skin. I will check out the Pores & Marks oil too, thank you Varsha.

  9. These are some very helpful tips indeed. I try to use herbal products for my skin as much as possible. Escpeially now during lockdown time. I also believe in removing makeup before going to bed and healthy eating.

  10. I am really very careless when it comes to taking care of my skin, especially removing makeup before sleeping. Also, I hardly ever check ingredients in skincare products. Thanks for sharing these pointers with us.

  11. Truly said – Beauty is skin deep and no-one must be judged based on the their color rather on the charater . However , maintaing a skin care routine do help to keep it alive .

  12. Such useful tips Varsh. I have been ignoring my skin for the past two months. Time to get back. I liked the product you recommended too

  13. All the tips shared are really must for a healthy beautiful skin and most of all eating healthy and keeping it naturals works for me. Removing make is really important.

  14. These are nice tips for a healthy skin. I always take makeup off at night and do a proper cleaning. Natural ingredients are best. I haven’t tried this product, but it looks promising.

  15. I also believe in-home care tips for hair and skin. Thanks for sharing your ideas will definitely try your tips as well

  16. Thank you for writing such an amazing article on skin care tips . I will surely follow these tips for my better skin then before

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