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V ~ Nutritious Foods for a Fit Lifestyle #BlogchatterA2Z

We’ve braved, powered through and reached the last week of #BlogchatterA2Z. They say that food brings people together. When done right, I would like to add that it also gives one a means and purpose to lead a healthy and happy life. My series on Nutritious Foods for a Fit Lifestyle has been a fulfilling and distracting experience from the severely uncertain and scary times we’re currently going through. I’ve been introduced to many new bloggers and revisited a few of my favourite old blogs too, pleasantly reminded of the wonderful writers we have amongst us.

Interestingly, today’s post is all about basics. These are foods that we regularly use in cooking but may be unaware of their nutritional content.

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From desserts like cakes and ice-creams to beauty products and essential oils, vanilla is one of the most loved flavours around the world. It is an expensive spice since extracting vanilla from its plant flowers and ripening it is a labour-intensive process. Vanilla contains minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium in small amounts which impart it with antioxidant properties. It is used to ease toothache and can be replaced for sugar due to its low calorie content. Its relaxing aroma has proven calming effect and reduces stress and anxiety.

Vanilla extract is stronger, purer and costlier than it’s trickled down version; vanilla essence. A few drops of it in your coffee or smoothie are enough to give them a distinct taste. Bakery products generously use vanilla for flavouring and it can also be added to soups, stews or sauces.


Vinegar is frequently used in households and its applications aren’t limited to food consumption. It is available in many variants like Balsamic vinegar, coconut vinegar, red vinegar, chilli vinegar etc all of which have distinct flavours and benefits. White vinegar is most common though and is made by fermenting ethanol. Its high acetic acid content gives it some amazing health benefits like controlling blood sugar, reduced cholesterol levels and weight management. Additionally, vinegar has anti-microbial properties and can be used to treat skin or ear infections and burns.

Vinegar is an indispensable item in the kitchen since it is a wonderful preservative for pickles, sauces and marinades. It is often used to curdle milk for cheesemaking. Also, it can be a cheap alternative to cleaning agents and can shine your showers, windows, countertops, floors etc in no time. Vinegar is used in gardening too to kill weeds and protect cut flowers for a longer duration.

V for vegetables is the first thing taught to preschoolers and we know why! Over the last month, I’ve shared the nutritional benefits of quite a few of them. Non-vegetarians may enjoy the benefits of veal, venison or Vienna sausages while Vodka is the preferred poison for many (including me). Thanks to #BlogchatterA2Z and this series, I’m able to tweak my recipes and make more informed food choices than before. How has your experience been?

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26 thoughts on “V ~ Nutritious Foods for a Fit Lifestyle #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. I love making my own Vanilla extract. It smells much better than the essence we get. Vinagar is used in many dishes and of course to make paneer at home. I am a vegetarian and I love to grow my veggies and eat them.You have shared so many nutritious foods, Varsha. Today’s alphabet is V and V is for Varsha

  2. yes I agree dear, when we talk or learn more about nutritious foods, it shows a positive effect in our cooking and eating habits too. your series has also helped me in doing that.

  3. Vanilla sure is a fragrant flavor which adds a dash in cakes, puddings and coffee too. Vinegar along with a preservative and pickled onion, chilies too is also helpful in cleaning the burned out utensils and greasy gadgets too. Vegetables the most nutricious of all the lot which contains ample of vitamins and minerals. So V-Varsha shared yet another awesome post for fit lifestyle with V.

  4. Have been using vanilla extract for baking purpose but never knew its nutritional value. Vinegar is a versatile ingredient of our kitchens, and vegetables are of course the hearts of our diets.

  5. Vegetables, vinegar, vanilla, vodka….. From these listed ‘V’ food items, vegetables are very nutritious. Vinegar is used sometimes for onions or for making paneer.

  6. Couldn’t agree more, that yes “food brings people together”, and choosing the right food keeps the family together. Vanilla extract benefits are bang on, I l got to learn many new facts of it today.

  7. Vinegar is something I use a lot while cooking and even Vanilla for baking my cakes. This is really great post which help us to know how we can stay fit and healthy!!

  8. This is a great food list starting from “V” and I had re called this year’s A2Z experience while reading it. your series was so informative and with each post, you have shared useful information with readers.

  9. This sure is a helpful post to learn about food and fitness. Got to learn Vanilla extracts benefits. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Vinegar and Vanilla are both important ingredients in the kitchen, but are underrated. Vinegar is known more as being a preservative, however it has so much nutritional value too.

  11. I learnt something new today 🙂 I had no clue Vanilla extract is so useful for our health. To be honest, I am not a fan of a vinegar due to its pungent smell.

  12. I never knew vinegar and vanilla have so many benefits. From this post I have learned a lot about the benefits of Vanilla and Vinegar. Thanks for sharing

  13. Vanilla is one herb or essence that I have not used much in my cooking but have heard how it adds beauty to the desserts cooked at home. Vinegar is often used in some of the other salad dressing in the house.

  14. For me vanilla has always been about icream and food flavor but didn’t know it is so healthy too. Yes vinegar specially balsamic vinegar is what my husband n I really like with our breads.

  15. Thanks for sharing this information I didn’t know that Vanilla is so health friendly. While I knew a little about Vinegar thanks to apple cider vinegar craze.

  16. I have been using a few drops of vanilla extract in my coffee for so long, never fully realizing the health benefits. I will use it in my early morning smoothie as well for a distinct taste. Thanks for letting me know something new today.

  17. This is just wow. I had only known vanilla as a flavour enhancing ingredient in desserts. I never knew it had so many benefits.

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