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The Vacation #FridayFotoFiction


Both the girls were tasting freedom for the first time in years. The once-fiery teenagers turned workaholic corporate achievers had finally ventured upon the adventurous European vacation they had planned with each other and cancelled many times in the past.

Seated in a swarming watering hole, as they guzzled down one beer after another, soon all caution was thrown out the window and they openly started ogling at the sexy foreigner sitting next to them.

He blissfully basked in all the attention, showed them his peculiar rings and even offered them a ride when it was time to leave. Reckoning they were too tipsy to hail a cab, they agreed.

They soon reached a deserted road, somehow, and he suddenly pulled the brakes. “Get down!” he ordered. Uncertain and baffled, they followed. “My energies like young girls. They’ll be happy today.” were the last words they heard.

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