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W ~ Nutritious Foods for a Fit Lifestyle #BlogchatterA2Z

Exotic fruits and vegetables to seasonal and indigenous foods, every ingredient adds some nutritive value to our meals. Along with these, a fit lifestyle includes natural supplements that nourish us and strengthen us from within. Local grocery markets offer the best fresh produce and reintroduce us to the goodness of age-old nutritious foods that have sadly disappeared from our daily routine.

I’ve had to heavily filter today’s W list to restrict to four foods. Interestingly, most of these are items are easily found around us and have been heavily recommended and consumed by our grannies too.

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Walnuts are the unsung superheroes of the nut kingdom. From vitamins and minerals to fiber and healthy fats, they pack a punch of goodness in every serving. They’re superbly rich in plant-based Omega-3 fats and antioxidants. Walnuts promote growth of healthy bacteria in your gut which reduces risks of diseases. They help in weight management, lower blood pressure and manage Type 2 diabetes. Their shell doesn’t just look like a brain, they support brain function too. A fit lifestyle with a healthy diet including walnuts is the perfect recipe for good ageing.

Walnuts lend a wonderful crunch to any dish they’re added to. Salads, desserts like cakes, brownies and pastries, sweets, smoothies, etc generously use a good sprinkle of walnuts for taste and texture. Also, you can just pop in a couple of them for a wholesome breakfast.


Whey is the liquid that gets separated from milk during cheese-making and whey protein is its protein portion. It is one of the most popular health supplements and has many benefits. Whey is extremely rich in high-quality protein and all essential amino acids for your body. It is easily digestible and gets absorbed in the gut faster than other proteins. Whey when coupled with a fit lifestyle including strength training can lead to reduced muscle loss due to age. It keeps you satiated for long hence good to suppress cravings and appetite. It promotes heart health and reduces inflammation of bowels.

The market is flooded with whey protein supplements in powder form. It can be easily incorporated in your diet by mixing it in your yoghurt, milk or water. Expert advice on dosage is important though.

Water chestnut (Singhada)

Water chestnuts are aquatic tube vegetables that grow in ponds, marshes or paddy fields and are native to Southeast Asia, Australia, Taiwan etc and islands of the Indian Ocean. They have a white crispy flesh that can be eaten cooked or raw. Water chestnuts are a great fiber source and contain antioxidants that fight diseases. They contain good amount of potassium that helps promoting heart health. Additionally, since they’re low in calories they’re good for weight loss.

Water chestnuts are the go-to ingredient while fasting and in stir-fries, salads and curries. Water chestnut powder is used in many recipes like upwas thalipeeth, parathas etc for consistency and taste.


Watermelon, with its red, white and green layers, is one of nature’s brilliant compositions. This juicy fruit is everyone’s favourite for its sweet refreshing taste and amazing nutritional benefits. Watermelon has a high water content that keeps you full and hydrated for long. It is low in calories and contains good amounts of Vitamins A and C and many healthy plant compounds. Watermelon has anti-inflammatory properties and can check macular degeneration due to age. It is beneficial for skin and hair too.

Watermelon can be eaten in any way you please. Cut it in pieces and dig in, add it to feta cheese salads, make a fresh juice or flavour your cocktails with it, everything works!

Two-thirds of our body is made of water and it is the lifeline that keeps us going. Water therapy heals our body, assists in weight loss and is an assured way to get healthy and glowing skin. Wheat is a staple in our diet and one of our most important sources of energy. Wasabi used in Japanese cuisine stimulates appetite and boosts digestion. Wine is good for the heart and keeps your memory sharp (well, if you don’t overdo it! 😉 ). What more will you add for a fit lifestyle?

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17 thoughts on “W ~ Nutritious Foods for a Fit Lifestyle #BlogchatterA2Z

  1. Watermelon the yummy summer fruit, is my favorite. Walnuts are yet another super dry fruit, I love to much them as it is and also add in my cakes, puddings, and cookies too. Water chestnut/ singhada is full of nutrients and is favorite in fasting, its dry powder also is good for halwa and pancake making. Whey protein is yet another nutritious supplement.

  2. Oh my kids went crazy after water chestnuts this season. My son actually made a healthy salad with them for his school activity. Whey is what is missing from my diet. Some how i am not comfortable taking the supplement powder even though my husband does.
    Lovely post
    Deepika Sharma

  3. Walnuts are my favorite nuts. I can eat at any time. The best I have eaten in Kashmir. Plucked form the tree and ate raw ones too. Water chestnut we dont get here. In fact I have never tasted it. Watermelon is life..we get it 365 days of the year But I dont eat unseasonal ones.

  4. I knew so little of water chestnuts till recently when friends started explaining it in exactly the same manner… common for fasting

  5. Walnut are my all time favorite and an integral part of my everyday diet. and yes, watermelon is a great in summer. it is so refreshing and give us instant energy in no time.

  6. Water melon, singada and walnut are all my favorites. Whey is something I have never tried. But singada is something I haven’t eaten in last two year.. This year will find and definitely going to have them.

  7. Today, you have included all the absolute favorites of mine. Walnuts are my best companions these days. Munching time, fruit salad, rice pudding, porridge, oats.. they literally fit into everything. I usually use whey in curries and kneading the dough.

  8. I like the way you introduced Walnut “unsung superheroes of the nut kingdom” very well said! it has numerous benefits, I make sure to eat a fistful of walnut daily. Singhada is one of my favorites ones, but unfortunately it’s been 6years I have tasted it, as in the USA I haven’t found it anywhere.

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