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Celebrations and Food

Expressions are tricky business. For some people conveying their thoughts and feelings in the right manner is challenging while there are some who are at a loss of displaying that they acknowledge and accept what others do for them. A belongs to the second type.

This Saturday was A’s birthday and, as one would expect, the celebrations started much before the weekend did and extended till, well, this morning. As always I was super-excited about making it a memorable experience for him and had involved A Jr closely since the planning stage. Where to go, what to do and which place to dine in, we had it all figured out.

However, one can trust A to pour cold water over our spirited birthday mood by refusing to step out anywhere and insisting that we keep it quiet and simple. Not just that, he subtly pointed out that posting a lovey-dovey (or otherwise, too) birthday message for him on social media was tacky and he would like me not to indulge in any kind of PDA. Sigh! 🙁

Not the one to let the birthday boy down, I adhered to everything he wanted. His birthday was a strictly family affair where we all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him at midnight and fed each other cupcake, I made his favourite dishes and we all had a lovely time together at home; eating, watching movies and lazing around in each other’s company.

I couldn’t resist posting the pictures of my food on Instagram though (as always 😛 ). For people who don’t follow me there, here they are. I’m allowed to do this much, right? I’m sure A won’t mind.

Red velvet cupcakes
Scrambled eggs with lots of veggies stuffed in mix herbs bread loaf and Barbecue Nachos. Don’t miss the cute mug I got him. 😀


Vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce and cranberries


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