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Reconnect with Nature #CauseAChatter

Remember those childhood days when catching butterflies, climbing trees or even playing in the mud gave us a thrill? There was an unbridled delight in the way elements of nature seamlessly gelled in our everyday life. We excitedly collected different types of leaves for our school project and goofingly tried to mimic bird sounds for our friends. Life was a whole lot of innocent fun but then we grew up, and changed.

Technology has managed to replace almost everything in our lives. Screens beckon us beguilingly, wherever we go. Just with a few taps and clicks we can make mountains move, metaphorically. Life is easy. Why then this ascent into a better world not able to make us happier? Have we left something behind? Is there a way we can relive those golden days?

Luckily, there is. Nature, in its uncanny ways, provides us lot more than what we seek from it. It is beautiful, serene and giving. All we must do is open our arms wide and let its magic envelope us. Let me show you how.

Walk barefoot on grass

If your proverbial beautiful feet never touch the ground it is about time you change it. Walking barefoot on grass has immense health benefits. It boosts immunity and aids in improving eyesight. Swelling or inflammation caused by injuries can be brought down. You might feel blades of grass pricking your feet but they activate pressure points resulting in better health.  Also, insomnia and stress levels can be controlled with it’s regular practice.

Listen to the sounds of nature

Of late, gadgets, health apps and smart watches have inspired people to clock thousands of steps daily. Seeing early morning walkers and joggers go about their daily routine is a wonderful sight. However, many of them have headphones plugged into their ears which is tad disheartening. From chirping sparrows to a singing cuckoo, nature plays it own melodious song as the day breaks. Why not keep your ears open, absorb the music and allow it to heal you?

Bask in the morning sunlight

Since childhood we’re taught that ‘Morning sun rays contain Vitamin D’. We got a good dose of it everyday in our morning school assemblies too. How many of us now remember to simply stand in the sun and let that warm sunlight enrich us? Possibly, not many. Apart from being a great Vitamin D source, morning sunlight also helps build stronger bones and is effective in cancer prevention. So don’t wait for a sale to enjoy free stuff, it is right there for you every single day.

Choose natural food products

The market is nowadays flooded with organic products. Plant-based or derived from natural ingredients, they promise to provide you only the best. This might work in beauty or cleaning products but when it comes to food choose only natural produce or brands you can trust. Preservatives are not good for your body. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers or vendors in small quantities. Don’t store them for too long.

Bring the greens home

Last but not the least; bring nature home by adding plants to your home décor. This will not only enhance its beauty but also ensure ample supply of freshness in your home. Include your family in this exercise and make them feel close to nature and responsible about the part they can play for a better environment. Watering a plant, removing weeds and giving it nourishment can be as gratifying as raising a child. Pure love, really.

This was my first post in the Health and Wellness series with #CauseAChatter. Hope you liked it. Please leave your responses and suggestions in the comment section.

18 thoughts on “Reconnect with Nature #CauseAChatter

  1. Agree… having a connection with nature is beneficial for the well being of both humans nd natural world. Spending time in nature helps people feel happier nd more healthier…

  2. This is so true. Every small thing, the sound, walking barefoot and the green is such a reminder of the world we live in and nature offering us bounties in bundle. An inspiring post.

  3. I love your energy . The yoga pose is amazing . I just can’t do it I suppose . Yup it’s so important to connect with nature.

  4. Loved your lost immensely. I still walk bare foot on grass and take walks and natural trails listening to the sounds and trying to locate them. Truly it’s the best.

  5. This is such a brilliant post, Varsha. Loved the ways you have shared to reconnect with nature and gain happiness. No matter how advance we become, how much our life becomes simpler with technology, we will always need nature’s help to keep living.

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