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4 things I do to ensure my child is emotionally happy

We’re assuming the role of our kids’ friends, teachers, playmates and even their punching bag everyday! We adults are justifiably going through turmoil emotionally but our kids have the short end of the stick. They’re holed up at home, bubbling with energy and confused with our jumbled instructions. How can we make them emotionally happy?

I’ve always been an expressive mother and love talking to my children. Right from pillow fights and board games to working out together and loads of family hugs, we’re a closely knit unit. I was raised in a healthy and secure environment and aspire to do the same for my own. Emotionally happy children are self-assured, independent and any parent’s dream, right?


My parenting technique is a mish-mash of knowledge borrowed from my parents and elders, books and discussions with friends, amongst other things. I’m sharing few tips today on how to make sure your child is emotionally happy in India. Hope you find them useful.

Make them accept their emotions

Children can’t always fully comprehend it but they feel emotions more intensely than we do. Negative emotions can creep in at any unguarded moment and find a permanent place in their hearts and minds. Fear for securing lesser marks in exams, guilt over breaking your expensive china, or jealousy for a sibling can make them lie or drive them away. Communicate with them that you love them despite everything. It is alright to feel sad but certainly not to dwell over it.

Gently introduce them to life

When life throws lemons at us, we’re prepared to make lemonade. Sadly, children aren’t.  Welcome their interpretations but let them know that life can be unfair but is beautiful.

Set a positive example

Happy homes have emotionally happy kids. Interpersonal relationships between spouses, in-laws and other family members mould children’s faith in family. Children who observe their parents sharing the load, regarding each other with dignity and treating each other as equal will respect others too. Actions speak louder than words, hence practice what you preach.

Shower them with treats

Appreciate your children and show your love for them by giving them a yummy treat every now and then. PediaSure, with its amazing benefits, is children’s favourite everyday treat and a mom’s best friend. It is an excellent source of 37 vitamins and minerals which are proven to help kids grow. The key nutrients in it aid in muscle and bone growth, support immunity. Most of all, it is tasty and available in different flavours too. Killing two birds with one stone, anyone?

While we attach significance to physical health, emotional health of children is just as important. Let us create a safe haven for them where they can dream of flying yet have their feet on the ground. Isn’t that what we parents are for?

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34 thoughts on “4 things I do to ensure my child is emotionally happy

  1. making them accept their emotions is a very tough thing to do. we also need to understand our emotions in order to let them learn. Good write up.

  2. Yes I agree emotional health is most important aspect of personality development of kids. Setting a Positive example and try to be a role model always help kids to learn things fast and in a positive manner.

  3. ICompletely agree with you Varsha. Small steps from our side can help them understand life in a much better way, they llearn to be happy. How we react can affect them to a great extent. Making them accept they emotions is very important. When they understand their emotions, they can give them a word and deal with it in a much matured way.

  4. As parents we take great care about the physical health of our children. But it is equally important to raise them as emotionally and mentally healthy, happy and strong kids. These are some practical tips on fostering healthy emotional development in our kids. Great post, Varsha!

  5. Strongly agree on every pointers that direct or indirect plays a significant role in raising emotionally happy kids, I believe kids ,learn and observe faster what we show them rather what we teach them, through our behavior, our reaction in articular environment, our conversation with others everything. Well written Varsha.

  6. Good health with yum taste will surely be a YES YES from my side for my kid . Pediasure surely looks to deliver on both parameters.

  7. very well written post. I agree it is really important to raise emotionally happy child as this will not just make them emotionally strong but would face the world with utmost confidence.

  8. A conducive and relaxed environment at home is motivating for children. Children emotional health and balance is very crucial for any parent, we aim to provide healthy nutrition so that the immunity in body also help kids to be happy and active.

  9. Emotionally happy children are not god sent gifts to parents and yes parents need to work towards making their kids emotionally strong. I agree we need to let them understand their emotions and setting a positive example especially by parents can do some help for sure.

  10. Yes agree it is very important to keep our kids emotionally secure and happy and the first step to do that is to create a happy and safe home environment. It should be a place where kids can be sure to find comfort even in times when the outside world is troubling them.

  11. I am loving the new look of your site Varsha. You said right, accepting their emotions is very important for kids to express themselves. If they are emotionally more expressive they will be happier.

  12. This is such an important topic and must be paid more attention to. Taking care of little ones emotional quotient and let them understand or express their emotions well is really important. Loved reading this 🙂

  13. That’s some great tips for parenting. I think as a parents it’s always important to keep learning too as the kids start to grow up and it’s important to accept the kids reactions and make them learn accordingly rather than simply get frustrated.

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