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The way to a man's heart..

…is through his stomach, and I’m sure any woman worth her spatula and spices will vouch for it! 🙂

Like with every other marriage, me and A have been experiencing a certain lull in our lives owing to numerous reasons. And although we always know that we are there for each other, it certainly doesn’t hurt to explicitly express it once in a while!

There is no need to wait for the perfect time to surprise him pleasantly and let him know in a quiet little way that I love him right? It is we who make simple moments perfect.

So, I decided to titillate the taste buds of my foodie husband today and ditched the (poha, upma, dosa, etc) breakfast routine for something simple yet experimental (and a lot of work, phew!) and super yummy!

Raw banana and Paneer Wraps

A couldn’t stop gushing about how awesome it looked and tasted, how stuffed he felt and how much he wanted to go back to sleep. About the things he didn’t mention, well, his expression said it all. 😉

Me, I’m smiling from ear to ear. Afterall, I ate them and loved them too. 😀

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