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The Hope #writebravely

The amusement in this mundane exercise was laced with underlying hope. Suddenly loving caretakers, good food, decent clothes and clean surroundings were comprehensible indications of what was to happen. With their rarely filled tummies and fast-pacing hearts, the children stood in a line with bated breaths. The couple wanting to adopt had arrived. God bless!… Read More The Hope #writebravely

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55 Fiction ~ Terminal #writebravely

He was amazed at the clarity of his thoughts while staring into the face of death. He had erred, first in forming relationships and second, in maintaining them. Did he deserve lying on his deathbed with no one by his side, then? He hoped not. Holding the pen, he opined, “I must seek their forgiveness.”… Read More 55 Fiction ~ Terminal #writebravely

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Suffering #writebravely

The clock struck one She shuddered, terror-struck Anticipating timorously The door flinging open Her heart beat frantically Her palms sweaty, greasy Her eyes shut tight Every sound alarming her Then it happened, she knew Like it did every month His whole month’s pay Lost to gambling and drugs An errant tear rolled down As she… Read More Suffering #writebravely

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The tiny narcissist #NaBloPoMo day 22

You’re going about your ordinary life- saving for your annual trip to someplace nice, planning to buy goodies that will make you and your family happy, investing in that beautiful luxurious bungalow/apartment where you can spend your retirement in peace or going for that dreaded jog every morning to keep your weight and health in… Read More The tiny narcissist #NaBloPoMo day 22