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Eggs and a love story

“You’ll have to do what she says. How else will it work out?” He shrugged, while She looked on with hope, and a little helplessness.

“I’m a vegetarian. I don’t even touch or eat eggs. How can I make fish fry for your mother? It’s unfair, don’t you think?” She pressed on, trying to find a balance between his staunch non-vegetarian family and her vegetarian upbringing.

He silently blurted “You can learn!” and remained passive. Whether pondering over her stance or plotting a way to make her succumb, she didn’t know. She couldn’t be sure of anything anymore.

Eggs and a love story_avibrantpalette

He and She had met through common friends around a year ago and sparks flew almost immediately. After a couple of friendly outings, they realised that they saw more than a friend in each other. Romance blossomed quickly after that and they even started planning to settle down together once their respective courses were complete and they had decent jobs of their own.

How did their perfect love miss its happily ever after then? What they didn’t realise at first was that their life and future were connected to their families too. Both came from very different backgrounds and cultures. She belonged to a wealthy Gujarati family, was a pampered child, and had never seen a difficult day in her life. His Maharashtrian parents were both teachers and had a calculated, disciplined lifestyle. He had been raised with love but made fully aware of his responsibilities.

What began as fun conversations about accepting each other’s would-be in-laws soon started turning into long messy arguments. He judged their extravagant existence while She was appalled at his hypocrisy while borrowing money from her sometimes. The strange part was that they hadn’t met each other’s parents yet. It was all between them, and already falling apart. Could they be together at all?

The fish fry talk was the last nail in the coffin. She had complied with every compromise He had asked her till then. She wasn’t going to change who she was anymore. Not out of compulsion, at least. The chat was a rude glimpse of what her married life would be like, and she wasn’t ready for it. Not now, not ever. If He couldn’t turn vegetarian for her, She certainly wasn’t fishing for excuses to stay relevant and walked out of the relationship. He didn’t stop her.

Waiting for the pan to get hot and holding two eggs in her hands, she was now remembering that chat. Her husband was fond of eggs and although he didn’t insist on her, she had offered to make an omelet for him, first thing after their wedding. She smiled at the irony and her privilege to make this choice. Isn’t this what true love is about? Accept the other person and surrender to him, wilfully.

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8 thoughts on “Eggs and a love story

  1. Indeed a beautiful story and indeed such things happen in real love stories… mine story was something like this where we both were Bengalis but one with western Bengal origin and other Eastern Bengal.. starting from rituals to food habits to cultural till the level of freedom for woman…. there was wide difference but that was with acceptance of both families… still the love story survived and today we are married… It happened as we both were strong to be with each other at any cost.

  2. Nice take not he word prompt. Yes, love means accepting the other person with their flaws but not demanding or expecting that they should change for us. It should happen willingly. Thats when we can say the love has bloomed into a beautiful bond.

  3. True love consist of compromise and sacrifice. But when it taste real life it will turn out in disaster when one of the couple is matured and other one is childish. After some time it is difficult. You catch that dispute very well. Love your way of writing on Egg. 👍🏻

  4. Ooo la la..what an eggsome tale. Love the way u took the prompt into a tale of the millenials. In our time, we used to make so many comprises not after coercion but out of love. For me love or a marriage meant..compromise, sacrifice and trust on both sides and it worked for me. But now no one wants to compromise even a bit and will walk out of a relationship on trivial matters.

  5. Marriage needs compromise but it should not always be one person making it. Enjoyed reading your story and how you wove the prompt into it.

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