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What goes around #FridayFotoFiction


Utensils clanked on the floor, clothes flew astray and her piercing screams filled up the room as she ran helter-skelter in a vain attempt to shield herself from his painful blows. It was her son’s birthday and he deserved to eat a full meal. Her husband’s alcohol could wait.

Standing in a corner, the boy looked in horror as the furious beast, his father, pinned his mother down and tried to wring her neck. Suddenly, as if taken over by some unknown power, the boy picked up a chisel and stabbed him fatally in the back.

After spending many years in a remand home, he had finally landed a job in security. As he stood at the gate of the lounge bar he worked in, the heels of the drunken girl reminded him of another point in time that also involved money, alcohol and a pointed object.

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