She bit her lip to avoid screaming out loud whenever her smooth skin brushed against the rough greasy interior of the car trunk. She felt disgusted, filthy but this was imperative.

His behaviour of late had aroused a lot of suspicion. His offhand attitude paired with frequent implausible excuses had made her take this extreme step. Spying wasn’t her style, yet this situation called for it.

As the car came to a halt in the parking lot, she waited patiently for him to get out. She had overheard their indulgent conversations and laughter in the trunk. “He has replaced me with her!” she felt a pang of jealousy.

With her judgement clouded by his blind love, the question of how she would get out hadn’t crossed her mind. As she pondered her next move, the hood opened up and he, flabbergasted, asked, “Mom! What are you doing here?”

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