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What if? #WowPrompt

“Two new girls are going to join us” announced my colleague even before the interviews for new trainees in his project wrapped up. What if he was wrong, I asked. Turned out much to the chagrin of his teammates, his lecherous boss was infamous for favouring pretty faces over qualifications. True to his reputation, that day too two new girls became trainees in our company.

As the #MeToo movement gained momentum and lots of skeletons started tumbling out of the closet my mind kept going back to this creepy boss. He had power and authority and was adored by newbies for the onsite opportunities he frequently got them.

My colleagues/friends advised me to steer clear of his way at all times.“Don’t look at him directly”, “mind your dress when he’s around” and such similar ‘helpful’ pointers made me roll my eyes in disdain. I heard stories of him screwing up careers of women who didn’t fall in line with him. Surprisingly, I also observed girls fluttering their eyelashes and turning to mushy pulp in his presence.

What if I’m ever transferred to his project, I often wondered. Would I tolerate his perverse attitude to climb up the corporate ladder? Was letting my self-respect fade out for the sake of my career aspirations an option at all? Should I carry a pepper spray to work daily, just in case?

Incidentally, before the misfortune to work with him struck me I took a post-maternity career break. Although my well-laid defensive tactics remained untested and futile, I lauded myself for my strong not-buckling attitude. He might be a scum but my actions were my choice and responsibility, right?

Men or women in power often misuse their position to exploit and curb people working for/under them. They may seek whatever but giving in to their demands is an individual preference. After picking a side, right or wrong, one has to own up the consequences too. Better or worse, your actions are yours alone.

‘What if’ holds promise and hope as well as sadness and regret. Our way of seeing things makes all the difference!

Agree with me? Please do share your thoughts.

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19 thoughts on “What if? #WowPrompt

  1. Hi Varsh,

    I agree with you. We always have the option to choose whether under pressure or free will. Once you have chosen something, we should own it. We cannot just blame others for our misfortune because as much as the other person is responsible, we are also equal partner to it.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Have a good day. ?

  2. You are right , Varsha.. I wonder , why Looks and favours often take precedence in a professional set-up. Is it because of their incapability or insecurity? It is so frustrating to see an ‘idiot’ getting away with a better appraisal than a deserved professional. I doubt if this scenario will ever change though.Sigh!

  3. Sad but that is so true and it happens in so many companies. Sometimes it might just be a pat on the back but they could make the pat feel not friendly and welcoming. Glad to see so many stories cropping up in the metoo series and women opening up about it.

  4. Yes Varsh, as you mentioned “People misuse their position” is absolutely right and this is the situation in some corporate office. This article is very useful for young girls who will be starting their career. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I so agree that it’s our way of seeing thing that matters in the end. Such a work environment is going almost everywhere. It’s totally up to us what path we chose for ourselves.

  6. Work and performance pressure is sometimes tough for people to handle. If your boss is a scum, you have the option to talk back, walk away but what if this job was what got brad on the table? What if you loved your job and had worked your ass off to get? Sometimes these things stop you from strong actions or maybe even the fact that you are not string enough to confront an issue.

  7. You have spoken out my thought. We should stop thinking about what people will think, should I wear like this or that, like these things. Everytime we shouldn’t blame ourselves for everything . Really very nice write up. Loved it.

  8. Oh yes this is very true and men and women both misuse their power often. At work front though we can excercise our freedom to work or not but this thing should in itself be shunned down.

  9. Thanks Varsh. Your experience how you maintained your actions when you might face or not #Metoo moments. Every actions is in our control. But sometimes we slip but that is not excuse to not to protect ourselfs. This is really a motivating article.

  10. Hey varsh..a long time…hope all good..
    As u said its our choice and the result also.. But feel pity on those fellows doing “anything” for a career growth

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