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Book Review: The Boundaries of Sanity by Mira Saraf

2021 has been a good year for reading so far. I’ve consciously decided to explore new genres and read some brilliant new authors. My book collection has seen a steady inflow of interesting titles and it doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon. My book review today is for one of my recent fascinating reads, The Boundaries of Sanity by Mira Saraf.

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About the book

The Boundaries of Sanity is a collection of five short psychological thrillers that delve into the deep recesses of our mind. Human psychology is complex and comprehending a person’s every move or reaction is challenging. Along with that a fiery concoction of bad friends, spouses, addictions or loss thrown in and it manages to burn your insides.

The five imperfect central characters are from varied backgrounds and have their own battles. Some of them manage to win, some don’t. Isn’t that what life is about?

My thoughts

The title, excerpt and the intriguing cover pulled me to The Boundaries of Sanity. Dark stories often leave us with an uncomfortable feeling and a whirlwind of thoughts. This book was no different. I was prepared to be disturbed, even spooked, and was secretly happy that hell doesn’t break loose, well everywhere.

Where Mrinalini’s addiction and subsequent breakdown makes one angry, Tanya’s resilience in face of an acute emergency gives hope. A timid overweight married woman is guilty of finding passionate love while a psychopath won’t stop at anything to murder his wife. What more, there’s a story about a magical muse that the writer in me would love to get my hands on!

Fear, regret, grief or insecurity are negative emotions that we often feel or see around us. Mira’s characters, although flawed, have layers that when peeled slowly reveal the real person within. Sometimes one needs to hit rock bottom to finally rise up and that’s the biggest takeaway from this book.

Mira’s writing is engaging and she weaves words beautifully. She hasn’t tried to glamourise or downplay the severity of psychological problems while keeping the narrative chillingly interesting. Also, next time I see something I’ll be tempted to name it Ella. Read the book to know what!

My rating : **** 4/5 stars

You can find my Amazon review for The Boundaries of Sanity here.

About the author

Mira Saraf is an English and Psychology student and has extensive experience in retail management. She dons different hats including working for a family business, managing a BPO and enhancement training. She loves reading and is a runner, Yoga enthusiast, foodie and poet. She has appeared in Canadian magazines like The Walrus, Eye Weekly and lifestyle blogs such as Women’s Web too.

Book Details

Language : English

Genre : Fiction

Available in : Kindle Edition

19 thoughts on “Book Review: The Boundaries of Sanity by Mira Saraf

  1. I am sure, being a psychology and English student , Mira must have done a complete justice with the plot. Humans emotions are tough to understand. And writing a book in the form a fiction, take it to a new level.

  2. I am a huge fan of pyschological thriller novels and movies. Human emotions are tough to understand and every individual goes through a different sort of emotion! Portraying these emotions via a novel is really tough and it is great to see Meera accomplishing it!
    Great review

  3. I always like to read short stories, and this being a thriller , my favourite genre, would definitely grab this one.

  4. Phycology is my favorite subject and I love to read and watch movies and books from this genera. the book sounds really interesting to me, will check out this for sure. thanks dear for sharing your honest review.

  5. Psychological thrillers have been my favorite genre from early days and I like the thrill and the chill that I get from reading such books. I loved the review and am going to get a copy for my self too.

  6. Adding thriller to my book shelf has become my latest charm, the plot seems interesting. A perfect amalgamation of murder, mystery, psychopath must be a treat to read.

  7. Sounds like such a fascinating book. I love books where characters are fleshed out well and have their flaws and nuances. Looks like the author has done justice to that.

  8. ohokay! I want to know who or what is Ella!
    This book sounds interesting, as it is so easy to get lost in the dark aspects and not realise the bigger picture – someone who can bring in that balance and point of view – would be exceptional to read! id like to get my hands on this book.

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