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Nothing artificial about it! 

On our trip to the supermarket yesterday I got a big loaf of cheese garlic bread. I had to use it up today itself for fear of it going bad and there was also some leftover food that needed to be done away with.

After some nerve-twisting in my brain I came up with a brilliant idea to kill two birds with one stone. Sometimes I feel like patting myself for my sheer originality. Nothing artificial about it. 😛

There wasn’t much glamour involved.I used up yesterday’s khichdi, added boiled potato, rajma, besan, some green chillies, salt and homemade garam masala to it and made small patties out of it. Shallow fried, so less oil.

Then I cut down the bread in a conveniently eatable size, sliced it half-way through the middle and layered it with butter, onions, tomatoes, patty, mayo, chilli sauce, tomato sauce, parsley and chilli flakes. This is how it looked!

Doesn’t this look like my rendition of Subway? 😀

I wouldn’t risk calling this a challenge, but if we push ourselves and our creativity enough, what emerges out of the self brain-storming can be extremely gratifying. What say? 🙂

22 thoughts on “Nothing artificial about it! 

    1. Haha..come over you can taste them…and a big Cadbury for you if you can guess it has khichdi in it. I bet you won’t know. That’s what creativity is. ????

        1. You say you want to come…address bhi de dungi ????????
          Na…don’t lie. Jhoot bolega wo mukka khayega. ???? I like genuine praise…or I’m fine with criticism. ????

          1. Hahaha, as far as I remember, you live in somewhere near navi Mumbai… and I’m from Delhi…
            I don’t have much pocket money right now, you know to afford the flight ticket… haha
            That’s so good! Even I don’t like to do something for which I will get a mumma instead of cadbury…

    1. Tumko samjhega bhi nahi khichdi hai usme. Rajma is my favourite too. I love it! It tasted like it had rice flour in it. You understand that taste?

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